July 13, 2013

We went to Myrtle Beach and all I got was a lousy sunburn and some wonderful memories

Considering how gray, gloomy and slightly chilly it's been since I got home - this hasn't been an easy post to write (i.e., it's hard to re-capture the balmy, carefree attitude with this weather).

I am exhausted.  But a good exhausted, you know?

Bright and early on Monday we headed for Myrtle Beach, SC.  I decided on Myrtle Beach simply because I knew, in the back of my mind, that Man-Child would crave more activity than sitting on the beach, drinking in the sun, listening to the waves and reading.  And I was right.

It quickly became apparent that he could only handle about two - maybe three - hours of this activity at a time before he became antsy.

It also became clear to me that I'm obviously not a "real" blogger as I didn't bring my camera or my phone to the beach.  A lot of people did.  They even had their fancy, giant cameras out there ready to catch every moment.  I couldn't bear to bring my electronics out simply because in my mind, sand + water + electronics = disaster.

The first view from our balcony

But the time spent on the beach did include us frolicking in the waves like children and it was good.  Had I the energy to spend more time in the waves he might have been inclined to hang out longer.

Sunrise on our first morning

I did re-discover that this boy likes to eat.  And he expects to eat THREE meals a day.  Does it matter that he had a GIGANTIC breakfast at 9:00 am?  No.  Around 1:00 pm he expected to be feed again.  And again in the evening.  I'm actually kind of surprised that I didn't gain at least ten pounds while we were gone.

I can only assume the reason I didn't gain ten pounds is because we did a lot of walking.  Guess what else I discovered?  If you go to Myrtle Beach and expect to do more than hang out on the beach - you need to stay in the north end of town or get a bus pass (which I didn't discover until the evening of our last night there) - otherwise you will be doing a LOT of walking (and, if you don't mind walking, be sure to bring something other than flip flops, says the woman who didn't) to get to all the activities; because for one, parking is precious even at the hotel lots, so once you find a good one you won't want to move the car and two, since parking is so precious the cost of parking near the activities is dear - very dear.  As in each parking lot we came across wanted $10 dollars a day.  And they didn't do hourly parking.  So, as I said, we walked a lot.

It also became abundantly clear in Man-Child's constant quest for food that a good majority of the restaurants in town were buffets.  Now, I don't have anything against buffets, but no matter how hungry I might be there is just no way that I can eat enough to justify the cost - nor would I want to have that ability.

We were able to suss out a few decent places sans the buffet that offered good food though.  Although, I have to say that MapQuest either hates us, or Myrtle Beach, because every time we tried to go anywhere using MapQuest we invariably got lost.  It was almost comical, if not slightly infuriating - particularly when Man-Child was snarling because he was so damn hungry....again.

We did play miniature golf - as expected.  What was unexpected was that we both played better than we did on past adventures.  What was even more unexpected was the 8 1/2 hole in ones that I racked up over two games.  Man-Child couldn't believe it and neither could I.  The 1/2 hole occurred because I was one stroke in and then Man-Child somehow knocked my ball into the hole.  A miracle, I tell you.  He couldn't have done that if he tried.

Trying mightily to intimidate me - he failed.

Despite us taking note on my miraculous hole in ones, we didn't keep score on the actual games.  We never have.  Simply because we are far too competitive and know that it's just better if we don't.

We went to Ripley's Aquarium, where we were just in time to watch some folks swim with the manta rays.

See their legs?  They were just getting started.

Although they are amazing, I wouldn't have the courage to
swim with them....if I knew how to swim, that is.

We also saw sharks...

The sheer size of them - and their teeth - was fascinating.
Not so fun - listening to the moving sidewalk creak and groan as we
were underneath the tunnel of water....filled with sharks.  It was
slightly unnerving, if the truth be told.
We saw a bunch of other things too, but I was utterly fascinated by all the color that goes on in the deep.

Who would think that such beauty lies beneath the surface of the ocean?

In addition to other things - besides eating constantly - we also went to the Family Kingdom, which is billed as Myrtle Beach's only seaside amusement park - which is true.  Although my boy doesn't "do" many rides, I was able to coerce him into a couple.  For the most part he enjoyed them - but the Ferris Wheel did him in.  Apparently, the constant stopping and starting, coupled with the height and the lack of seat belts or lap bars was too much for him. He was positively green by the time we got off.  Luckily, I had asked a little guy to join us - he was too young to ride alone and if he didn't ride with us he wouldn't have been able to ride at all, since his mother had no desire to ride.  The little guy kept Man-Child grounded but he was disappointed that the ride didn't "go faster" - which Man-Child couldn't decide was a good or bad thing - faster meant the ride was over quicker; but faster also meant zipping around in the sky.

At the beginning of our trip, I was worried that our trip wasn't going to be long enough, but by Wednesday night we were both ready to just come home.

Also, on Wednesday night, we were treated to an impromptu fireworks show - which I attempted to catch via my cellphone.  I probably took about fifteen shots, and this is pretty much the only one worth sharing.  As Man-Child so astutely pointed out - after the fact, thankyouverymuch - I should have used the video feature.  But I never even thought of that, of course.

The fact that I caught this was pure luck.
The entire time we were gone, not once did I bother with straightening my hair or with any makeup, other than lipstick (gotta have some color, doncha know?) and it was extremely liberating.  In fact, on our last night at dinner our waitress commented how much she loved my hair (which in my mind, was out of control curly and poufy with the humidity) - which meant that she got an extra big tip - simply because she was so kind.

While we were basking in the sun at the beach, rain and storms apparently pounded our house.  And, of course, we lost another television.  Once again, I am convinced that we somehow entice lightening to our electronics as I swear, this must be the third or fourth piece of equipment we've lost in the past two years.

As it was our main television, Hubby took it upon himself to buy a new one and, while he was at it, decided to sign us up for NetFlix.  The amazing part?  He actually figured out how to set it up all by himself.  I was beyond shocked.

He and Man-Child have been watching television like it was a new invention ever since we got home.  I have yet to fall prey to its charms.

Mainly, I've been reading and, simultaneously sulking, because the weather has been so nasty ever since we crossed back into North Carolina on Thursday evening.

Despite our best efforts with the sunscreen - we both came home just a tiny bit burned and utterly exhausted. Maybe next time we can actually convince Grumpy (aka Hubby) to come along to join in the fun.

So, as we sit here with peeling noses, we are already making plans for another trip sometime in the future (and I just might be plotting a solo adventure to a quieter spot sometime soon).

In the end, despite the burns, the lost ramblings, and the multitude of food, more memories were made, much laughter was shared and a good time was had by all...I'm ready to do it all again.


  1. It sounds perfect! Again, I love that Man-Child wants to hang out with you. I really pray that one day I'll be writing about vacations just like this.

    We are going on a big adventure all the way to Houston this year. :)

  2. You do realize you are supposed to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, right? (not that I know anyone who actually does that)

    Sounds like you had a VERY MEMORABLE time. Good for you!

  3. It sounds like it was a wonderful vacation, filled with all the things that usually happen with a vacation: the unexpected and the usual sunburn. Nice summary of a good time. :-)

  4. For what it's worth, I almost always leave my camera at home for the beach, and my phone stays tucked away most of the time. I'm not there to socialize or check FB, ya know?

    I have never been to Mrytle Beach, and as I just asked Tony, he said no. Seems he'd have no one to golf with. *sigh* Looks like the kids and I would just have to have a slamming time without him.