October 22, 2013

Resting (rather uncomfortably, I might add) on the horns of a dilemma...

So, I just received a text.  From a boss.  Not THE boss, mind you, but a boss nonetheless.  Nearly THREE hours after being off the clock; asking me to be in the office early.  Not for anything urgent, of course.  No, just to pick up keys.

Why?  Because he has determined that since our office is SO old fashioned as to still require the gents to wear a suit to work four out five days (and everything BUT the jacket and tie on the 5th day) that it would be TOTALLY unacceptable for him to pop in for five minutes to pick up a set of keys.

But yet it would be appropriate for ME to pop into work - extra early (mind you, without overtime pay) to grab the keys and bring them down to the parking lot, where he can then be merrily on his way to our other office (which isn't under the stuffy restrictions that we are for some reason) and spend his day out of my hair (which, to be honest, after the past two days of pure hell; WOULD be a small blessing that I could definitely use right about now).

Which leads me to this...how to respond...

A) I'll try to be there; but you know....no one will notice you popping in for five minutes sans the suit.

B) Sorry - I have a prior engagement at that hour. (What?  He doesn't need to know the "engagement" is with my bed!)

C) You don't pay me enough to deal with this kind of crap.

D) Okay.  You owe me BIG time.


E) Ignore the text and reply tomorrow three minutes before he expects me saying "OMG!  I WISH I had seen this last night!"

I need your input NOW, by the way.  Since I plan to hit the sheets extra early tonight since, as I'm sure you've surmised...today has been an extra tough one.


And right about now, I realize...had the last one asked this of me; there wouldn't have been any question that I would have done it.  Mainly, because the last one would have NEVER asked me - she just would have be-bopped in there, grabbed the keys and have been merrily on her way.


  1. I'd go for the last one and text him at the last minute. I have done this method with great success. :)

  2. Hmmm... I'm thinking I would either just do it. But I'd really like to tell you to text him an hour before and say "OH... I just saw this... I'll do what I can, but I don't know if I'll make it."

    But yeah, I'm a bit of a wuss, so I'd likely suck it up and just do it.

  3. I think E is the ticket. The E-ticket. This is just WRONG, Gigi. That's my thought, but then again, I'm retired and I used to do this kind of crap for my old boss. :-(

  4. You KNOW what I'd say, but in case you don't, let him figure out his own way to get the keys. If he needs them early, like before work hours, what the heck difference does it make if he goes in himself? Who's going to be there to see him, the janitor?

  5. I would do it but then I am a big wuss and scared of authority... hence why my youngest daughter has me as a domestic servant of the first order

  6. I'd probably just do it but I wouldn't be happy.