October 13, 2013

Someone please remind me to quit fiddling with things...something always ends up broken

I broke my blog...AGAIN.

Luckily, only for about an hour or so this time.  This time I single-handedly, in one fell swoop, deleted every single picture that has ever graced the pages of yours truly.

And it's all my phone's fault.  Or Google's.  I'm not quite sure but the more I think about it; the more certain I am that they were in it together.

For whatever reason, I cannot log into my blog dashboard from my phone.  I used to be able to do this and then *POOF* one day I couldn't.  Today was the day that I decided to fix this.  So I fiddled around with various things trying to get it to work and failed miserably.  The next thing I know, I get a notification on the phone telling me that it has synced all my phone photos with Google +.  Crap.

I never use my Google + account; why I even have it I will never know.

So I hopped on the computer to see what fresh hell I had wrought - and discovered that, yes indeed, I had synced all my photos to that account.  Despite the fact that they weren't being "shared" with anyone, I decided to go ahead and delete them; since I never use Google +.

After some struggling with manually selecting some of the 500+ photos, I clicked over to a new tab to figure out how to select them all at once - since that option didn't seem obvious.  Once I found it, I selected them all and hit delete with satisfaction.

But the empty albums were still there.  I clicked back over to the new tab to figure out how to delete the albums when a random sentence in one of the results caught my eye (of course, I've deleted that tab, so now I have to ad lib what it actually said) that said Google moved all your photos out of Picasa and put them into Google+; or something to that effect.

And suddenly, I was filled with absolute horror.  I opened another tab (why yes, I have been known to have as many tabs open as humanly possible) to check in on my blog.  I looked at about three different posts I was fairly sure had pictures in them, from various dates and ALL THE PICTURES WERE GONE!!!!

I clicked back over to Google+ to figure out a way to restore them and, of course, it wasn't readily apparent so I clicked to another tab to Google it.  And *phew* found out they weren't completely gone yet and was able to restore them.  Apparently Google+ knows that people are stupid and need an undo key.

But it would be even better if Google gave you a heads up before you clicked delete.  You know, something along the lines of "Hey! Are you SURE you want to do that?! Because if you do, all the pictures on your blog will go bye-bye!"

So here is the moral of this story - don't delete anything ever from your Google+ account.  And it's a good thing I forgot I even had that account before now, otherwise I might have deleted it...and who knows what would have happened then!


  1. See... and here I was thinking you broke something in the house. Sometimes I REALLY wish real life had an undo button.

  2. It's scary to me to think how much of all this goes on without our knowledge. Of course, with a free service, you have little say in what happens. But still... :-)

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  4. Thank goodness I don't have, nor do I want Google+. There's no telling what I could screw up. Same with a smart phone. Those things might be smart as all get out, but the user still needs to know how to use one, ya know. And I'm just not smart enough!

  5. I have a Google+ account and like you, I don't even know why I have it! I'll learn my lesson from you and just stay away from it. This is your reminder...Gigi, sit your behind down somewhere and quit fiddling with things because something always ends up broken!!

  6. Oh how I feel your pain. I switched to wordpress and now I am terrified to make any kind of changes to anything!! I've spent to many hours pulling my hair out wondering what the heck I did to my blog this time!
    Thank goodness you got it fixed :)

  7. Oops! I paid someone to set up my blog because I would so ruin it if I tried to do it myself.

  8. You're too funny! I tried desperately to follow along...but you lost me around the opening of the third tab. (Um....I just counted....and I have 36 tabs open as I type this. I'm not kidding....wish I were)
    Don't you love it when you have to Google something that happened on Google? Oh, the irony.....

  9. Computers just plain confuse me.

    I have Google + as well -- and have no idea how I got it...