October 30, 2013

...and the weird stuff that happens around here? It just keeps getting weirder.

Apparently, we have a new neighbor...of sorts.  One that is keeping us HOSTAGE in our home until dawn breaks - seriously.

About a month ago or so, I tweeted

Silly me.  I thought Pepe was just passing through.

No, apparently, he's decided he likes it here SO much that he has taken up residence.  How do I know this, you must be wondering.  I know this because just about every morning for the last week or so, when either one of us heads out the door to get the paper, there he is...sitting in our driveway, just daring us to come any closer, flicking his fluffy tail and smiling (yes, really).

The first time Hubby came back into the house and told me there was a skunk in the driveway I figured he was insane and just didn't want to go out in the rain.  Until the next morning, when I ventured out the side door and looked up the driveway - and there he sat, giving me that "Come any closer...I DARE ya! I DOUBLE DOG DARE ya!" look.  Needless to say, I turned around and went right back in the door; because honestly?  Who wants to go to work wearing "Eau de Skunk Cologne?"

Without question, I have done my research on skunks since then and have decided that I can wait for daylight to break to get my paper; for a few more days anyway.  As it appears they are nocturnal creatures, I figure once the time changes he will be hunkered down and sleeping by the time I wander out (I hope) to get the paper and then when it gets really cold he'll go into a state of torpor (similar to hibernation, but not quite) and then we will move (possibly) and never have to deal with him again.

There! *dusts hands* Problem solved.


  1. We have them in our yard on a regular basis. So far I've been lucky, but sometimes you can get a whiff of something that wasn't so lucky.

  2. I remember a long time ago one of our pet dogs tangled with a skunk. Seems like it was weeks before the smell was gone. You are doing just the right thing by avoiding it as you describe. Time changes on Sunday, after all. :-)

  3. Oh no!! So what I've learned about skunks. Be careful when you are running from your car to the house late at night. Just sayin.

  4. We have a skunk that rummages the front yard every year. Never causes much of an issue though. The coyote on the other hand... 'tis another story.

    Our auto light sensor goes off every time there's something near it, so every time I see it go off, I think "crap... it's the coyote again." Last night I pulled in....

    ...it's a bunny. Fluffy tail and all.

  5. Love that state of torpor. I vacation there often.

  6. That reminds me of an old joke.

    Two Swedes are trying to get a family of skunks out from under their porch.

    "Whaddaya gonna do, Ole?"
    "Oh, Sven, ya know I already took care of it. Just put a big plate of lutefisk under there, cleared the skunks right out. Now I got a different problem."
    "Oh, ja, Ole? Vot's dat?"
    "The skunks moved out, but now I got a family of Norvegians under dere!"

    It's funnier in person, maybe. :-)