January 29, 2014

And for once I can honestly say, "I CAN'T wait for Super Bowl Sunday!"

For the past two weeks, Man-Child has been on a mission.

To talk his father (the one who hates to drive and do anything that isn't part of his daily routine) into driving up the mountain to watch "THE" game and spend the night in the dorm.  Once I discovered Man-Child's mission, I jumped on board.

So, in addition to MC calling Hubby EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past two weeks to beg him to come up, I have been on the other end saying, "Really.  You SHOULD go.  It'll mean SO much to MC.  You'll have fun."

Sure, MC is mainly pushing for the food he knows his father will bring - but I think watching the game without his father last year was depressing to him.  This is something they've done together for years.  And last year was the first time they've each watched the game without the other.  And I can attest that it was depressing for Hubby too since every time I walked by Hubby would say something along the lines of "I wish MC was here.  It's just not the same without him."

Today Hubby finally cracked.  He is going (fingers crossed - until he actually drives off, I won't believe it).

I, for one, cannot be more happy about it.  One because I know Hubby and Man-Child will have a great time.  And two, because for the first time in twenty-three years I won't have to hear all the hoopla (and yelling - and no, it apparently doesn't matter that "their" team isn't in the game) that goes along with the Super Bowl.  For the first time in twenty-three years, I'll be able to watch whatever I want on the main television.  Or not.

It's gonna be glorious.  And quiet.  I can't wait.


  1. I always sequester myself in the bedroom and watch chick flicks. They're ALWAYS on during the Superbowl. :) Enjoy your quiet house!

  2. I will not be watching, but I will be looking on line for anything that happens. I do hope they watch the game together. Go Hawks! :-)

  3. Tony is going to a local bar with a friend. It's "closed" and costs $75 to get in, but it's all you can eat killer food and the football pool is over $300 if you win. (which we have)

    And I.... will be home with the kids...making nachos and doing laundry. Best. Time. Ever.

  4. I love football. I can't believe that in all these years you haven't learned to appreciate the yelling :)

  5. I'm not looking forward to the day, because I'm sure I'll be stuck while Mike & Hubby watch it at the hospital. Boo!

  6. I think it is so sweet that they are going to get to watch the game together!! (AND yes of course big fat win for you!)

  7. Yay, I hope you enjoyed your peace. I'd also be all for it! I'd go out and get myself Panera Bread and watch chick flicks.