January 1, 2014

Wanna See My Closet? Of course you do!

As you all know, we've moved.  As you also know, this place has no real closet space.  You know this because I've whined about mentioned it in just about every post except the last one, since we've moved in.

You may also recall that at one point, prior to move, I declared (much like Scarlett O'Hara) that I'd NEVER share a closet with the husband again.

And I'm not.

Now, I could have declared the not so walkable, walk-in closet for my own and banished hubby to the smallest bedroom's standard closet - what?  He was willing.

But I decided, that I would take the smaller closet on the OTHER side of the house.  All fifteen steps from our bedroom door to that door.

And I decided to make the entire room my closet.

As Man-Child so astutely observed..."Mom, you are the ONLY person in the world that can down-size and STILL end up with a bigger closet."

Yes, my child.  It is undeniable, your mother has super-human powers.  And an extensive shoe collection that wouldn't have fit into that smallish walk-in closet in the master.  It's called "thinking outside of the box."

And now, today I can reveal this to you because they have finally removed the giant file cabinet that has been taking up space in there and I can proclaim this room "done."

See?  It literally IS the smallest closet in the house

See how cramped everything is in there?  And this is AFTER I cleaned it out.  Obviously, I need to go through it again...particularly since I have some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket; but I'm reluctant to buy anything until I make some more room in there.  Notice the matching hangers?

Just a peek at part of the shoe collection

After adding some of these Closet Maid shelf things (they stack up on top of each other) I was able to get my shoes organized.

And some more shoes....of course.  And this is AFTER I donated forty pair.
*sigh* I admit it.  I MIGHT have a problem...

WHY I never thought to do this at the old house to build that coveted "shoe wall" I wanted, I'll never know.  But I had an epiphany one day while looking at the two or three shelves I already owned, while wondering what to do with all these shoes.

These shelves are reasonably priced and easy to put together - I did them all by myself!  Even Hubby was impressed.  They do come with these things to anchor them to the wall because I suppose once you've gone past stacking three of them they are easy to tip over.  I didn't anchor them to the wall because 1) we are renting and 2) no one is in there but me.

I added the chair, ottoman and table so that I could have a cozy, little get-away when I need it.  Or as a place to sit down to put on my shoes, of course.

I threw in some art just for a splash of color and added my jewelry boards...

And now, I have my very own dressing room!

The guys tease me endlessly.  They tell me I need a star on the door with the word "DIVA" written across it.

Little do they know, I've already found one...


It's your turn - what's your closet look like?  Do you have to share or are you spoiled, like me?


Happy New Year to all my dear internet friends.  I wish you nothing but the best for the upcoming year.  Let's make it a good one!


  1. I love it!!! And now you've got me thinking because I have an empty room that I have been trying to figure out what to do with and I may just decide to be selfish and make it all my own. :) (Not saying you're being selfish, just saying I'm not going to give the room to any of the men in this house.)

  2. That's a work of art, woman! I'd like to have ANYTHING in my house that organized.

    Thank you for the photo and support. Happy New Year!

  3. I think it's great! I like your pretty little corner, and all those shoes look well organized. You keep the boxes, I notice. I just have a few pairs of shoes and keep them in one of those over-the-door organizers. Happy New Year to you and the men in your life, Gigi! :-)

  4. I love this! I might spend time in there even when I was not getting dressed I totally understand shoe wall. Mine are in two giant clothes baskets and I spend A LOT of time trying to find matching shoes. Happy New Year, Gigi!!!

  5. Ok, I seriously need an intervention, or at least more wine. Since I've been reading my blogs on bloglovin I can't comment on your posts, I came back to my blogger dashboard and here I am.... Love the idea. I'm a little closet heavy, since Hailey decided to move out and grow a human I have, wait for it, six closets all to my self. And I'm building a new one in the master bedroom. I may not have a date but dammit I've got shoes that need to be housed!

  6. OH, and because I was so excited to be able to post, I forgot to say I love the picture!

  7. Tony got the ONE closet in the house. Seriously. I have had to resort to a stand up armoire, and a basket under the bed.

    Love your room idea though. Wonder if the kids would consider moving out so I can do that?

  8. Happy New Year! Oh wow, I LOVE your closet x

  9. Jesus, Mary and Holy St Joseph, come and organise our new house, pleeeeeaaaaase, I will buy cake and gin and I will buy you new shoes, c'mon you know you want to xxxx

  10. Oh, it looks wonderful! I used to have a thing for shoes, but with my profession, it's kind of a moot point. That, and having a neuroma in my foot that needs to come out, I am seriously limited in what I can wear. NOT, mind you, that I still don't love shoes!!

    I hope you are enjoying your new space. We are still looking. I have found places that I like, but hubby doesn't/ SIGH. I hope 2014 is BETTER than the past year!

  11. I'm very envious. I have to "share" with hubby. And by share, I mean he has enough room for....nothing.