March 9, 2014

What IS it?

No, seriously.  Does anyone know?

I think it might be a Schefflera from some of the research I've done online....but who knows.  After an hour of searching, all the plant pictures began to look the same to me.

The reason I'm asking is because this plant is mocking me.  Seriously.  I have finally found homes for the majority of the plants I had (only one was left to die a slow and painful - for me - death in the garage) and the remaining ones are thriving.  In fact, given that I have more time to spare to give them the attention they deserve they are all looking better than ever.  Except this one.

Oh sure, it looks fine, if a little spindly (if it is Schefflera then, according to my research, I need to prune the hell out of it in order for it to bush out).

But EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I walk by it, sneeze or sigh it drops a leaf.  I kid you not.  I cleaned up all the leaves that had scattered on the floor to take the above picture.  After the camera button went "click"...well, the evidence doesn't lie...

So unless you, the good people of the Internet, can tell me definitively that this is NOT a Schefflera then I'm going to chop this thing, move it somewhere a little brighter (WHERE? I swear this house has the worst natural lighting EVER) and attempt to water it less to see what happens.

I mean honestly?  At this rate, it can't hurt...right?

And then once I get that one sorted out, I suppose I can begin to figure out how to get my ficus to fill out on the right side...

Actually, it's looking spindly too.  Should I give it a good chop too?!

*sigh*...and there went three more leaves falling to the floor.


  1. I have no idea. Good luck though!

  2. Oh, I sincerely WISH I could tell you what to do. I know how awful it is to have a plant that doesn't thrive, not knowing how to help. Hopefully one of your other readers will tell you. If enough of them fall off it seems prudent to trim it back. The yellow looks to me like maybe it's being overwatered.

  3. Looks like a Schefflera to me, too.

  4. I have no idea what it is but I am pretty sure I had one. Mine did the same thing every winter but in the spring the leaves didn't fall off. We kept it for several years and then my husband got sick of it which is odd because stuff doesn't usually bother him......anyway it's gone.

  5. It is definitely a schefflera. Go ahead and give it a good trim, feed it with miracle grow and only water it only every 2 weeks. Unless it is outside in the summer in full sun.
    The leaves falling are from 2 much water. Scheffleras like to be left in one bright place and be neglected. Mine has lived 2o years this way. When it gets too big or spindly I just cut it all back.

  6. I have no idea. I am so bad with plants.

  7. I have no idea, but now you have me very curious :)