March 26, 2014

You didn't REALLY think the insanity stopped just because I haven't been here, did you?

Because, hasn't.  But the chaos that has become work lately (which leaves me exhausted) coupled with the lack of a "quiet" space in this house has left me bereft of time, energy and creativity (if you want to call it that) to actually blog all the thoughts I have.

So maybe now...finally, I can find the time to, quickly, catch you up with what has been going on - both in real life and the dilemmas that exist, surely, only in my mind; before I pass out from sheer exhaustion.  And here they are, in no particular order:

*  Man-Child was home for Spring Break last week (or was it the week before? Who knows considering I can't remember!) and it was fabulous to have him home.  He actually came home a day early to surprise me.  But having him home for the week (whenever it was) really highlighted to all of us just how small this place really is...i.e., we all knew what the other was doing at any given time; even if they were in a different room.

* I have lost my very favorite pair of "flip flops" (not that I'm actually able to wear them right now - more on that later - but still...).  I have searched the house high and low and they are nowhere to be found.  I think I might have accidentally given them to charity in one of my epic visits to Goodwill right after we moved.  I know I gave away a bunch of old flip flops that weren't comfortable to me or that I'd never liked and I'm afraid these - that were perfect - may have found their way to the charity box. *sigh*

* Winter.  Oh. Dear. God!  Need I say more? Despite technically living in "the South" we have experienced an uncommon winter, to say the least.  Currently, the local school children are expected to have "make up" days until the end of July.  While resuming the next school year on August 1st (I kid...kinda).  And yes, yesterday - in the middle of March, for God's sake, we had some snow.  Which, if you must know, was kinda pretty while falling over the blooming pear trees and dogwoods - but don't tell that to Mother Nature, because God knows I don't want to have a repeat next winter!

* Oil of Olay.  Right before we decided to put the house on the market for the hell of it, I also decided, for the hell of it, to try a new make up removing product.  And the product was fine.  And then the house sold unexpectedly.  So in the frenzy of ridding myself of whatever I could (so I wouldn't have to pack it) I tossed the nifty, plastic box that used to come with the starter kit of the Olay Daily Facial Cloths...because I wasn't "using" it.  Well...guess what?  I decided that I preferred the Olay Daily Facials Cloths to the other method.  Guess what else?  Yes, that's right.  Now I can't find the nifty, plastic box that comes with the starter kit.  The one that houses the refills - apparently the refills are the only thing that you can find at the store.  Which, according to my Google search (since no one else seems to be complaining about it), seems that I am the only one in the world having this issue.  *hmmph!* (and no; this is NOT a sponsored post...if it were I MIGHT be sporting said nifty, plastic box...!)

* Our "main" computer - you know, the one we use for all of our "important business" (i.e., blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz, etc. for me and, weirdly enough, Facebook for the Husband) has decided that it is on it's way to dying.  Or so I assume.  For whatever reason (I'm sure the fact that my dear, dear friend accidentally spilled a glass of wine onto the keyboard during a get together a year or so ago - and then went on to slam a window shut on it while her husband was trying to fix the wine incident - has absolutely NOTHING to do with it - not that I hold a grudge.  And before you chime in that she must secretly hate me; no.  If you knew her, you'd know that she's just like that) it has begun to make strange noises and cut itself off from the internet randomly (while leaving every other wireless device connected) thus ensuring that we are constantly, frustratingly, re-setting the internet connection several times a day.  We are currently shopping for a new one; hoping against hope that we find the one we need before this one really dies and we are left fighting over the little notebook that is maddeningly slow.  Luckily, I was able to upload all the photos on the ancient, abused laptop to "the Cloud" before they disappeared forever.  Now, if I can find the time, I plan to do the same for the little notebook and hope that it will be a life saving mission for it *fingers crossed - but honestly? Who has the time?*.

* Tax-time!  Oh. Dear. God. In. Heaven.  It's my most favorite time of the year (yeah, right).  The Husband and I had set a date last Sunday as "TAX" day.  The day that NO MATTER WHAT, the taxes would be done.  And they were - with much angst.  The main problem?  See above.  The computer kept hanging up.  But to top it off?  See below.

* In the midst of doing the taxes on an extra-crazy computer I was multitasking.  While also doing the taxes, I was also doing the laundry.  In machines that are as old as I am, if not older (they came with the place we are renting).  These machines are so old that I am even more terrified than usual about leaving the dryer running when we aren't home.  In fact, I have laid down the law, currently titled as "The Dryer Will NOT Be Left Running If No One Is Home EVER" law.  And, I'm proud to say, we've all been following this law to the letter; even if *I* seem to be the ONLY person that ever puts anything into the dryer.  Whatever. It's working!  But after this weekend it seems we need a new law.  One titled, "Never Leave The House While The Washing Machine Is Running."  Why?  Because while toiling through our taxes, I heard a "strange" sound.  So strange that I sent the Husband to investigate.  What did he find?  Water.  Lots and lots of water POURING out of the drain hose of the washing machine. *sigh*  He was able to "fix" it - if you want to call it that and we stopped, mid-Taxing, to mop up all the water.  And continued on with our taxes and our laundry.

Speaking of the drain hose...did you know that, according to the Husband (who seems to have acquired a new name of late...have you noticed?  It's much more "sophisticated," don't you think?) all washer's (or at least the ones he has encountered) drain hoses are more or less the same;  they are all just shoved into the hole (the one that sends the water wherever it goes) without a lock; which basically means that whenever the washer is jumping around (like mine always is - the Husband claims that's because I overload it - I deny that allegation by the way.  My assertion is that "they" produce WAY to much laundry for one house to handle) the hose can easily become undone.  Is it me, or does that just seem stupid?

And that; my friends, is what's been on my mind - more or less - since we've last connected.


  1. I think your Oil of Olay stuff took off with your flip-flops.

    And making up time until July? That's wrong.


  2. Yikes! This was quite the catching up post, Gigi. Things seem to be moving along, even if not in the way you'd like. Hope your computer problems are solved before we lose contact completely! :-)

  3. Gigi, I can't tell you how nice it is to know that other people have problems, too! Glad you could catch up, considering! Go get that computer NOW!