March 31, 2014

Don't let the charming smile and nice haircut fool you...

Oh sure...he looks responsible.  Like he might be the kind of kid who makes sure he eats his vegetables even when his mom isn't there to make him.  Like he might be the kind of kid who goes to class and gets decent enough grades to land him on the dean's list every once in a while.  Like the kind of kid who wears a coat when it's cold out.

Don't be fooled.

When he first went away to college one of the thoughts I had (after I got done weeping, of course) was "There goes a great source of blog-fodder."

And for the most part that thought was spot on.  But occasionally, Man-Child still manages to rise to the occasion.

Apparently, Man-Child has somehow missed the window of opportunity regarding next year's housing and now, all the dorms are full.  So basically, he has no where to live next year.

Cue the panic.

My husband called the housing office and discovered that yes; they are, indeed, full.  And that they had sent Man-Child multiple emails reminding him to sign up.  Emails he failed to read.  He is on the wait the very bottom.  So the odds of him actually getting a dorm is slim to none.

I was online for the majority of the past weekend trying to find a cheap, yet suitable, place for him to live next year.  And I've discovered that the two do not - as you might suspect - go hand in hand.

This from the boy that keeps protesting, "MOM! You do realize I'm an adult now, right?"

After this, I beg to differ.


  1. Nooo! So this falls on YOUR shoulders, and he's an adult? Um, I don't think so. This will be interesting to follow. Don't forget you've got an audience here wanting to know how this one plays out... :-)

  2. You can bet your butt if that had been an email from a friend about something of interest, he'd have gotten right on it! It just wasn't something important enough to him at the time. It doesn't mean he's still a kid, there are plenty of adults that do the same thing!

  3. Oh my gosh! Do we have the same child? E had no place to live when he headed back up to college. He ended up on someone's floor for three months before he could get in to his own place. Guess what? This year he has already got housing for next fall. Amazing what these experiences can teach them!

  4. Oh dear!! Good news? I guess even after they leave the nest, they are still a good source of blog fodder? :)
    Hope it all works out!