October 6, 2014

Moody and new shoes

I've been pensive and moody all weekend long.

It could possibly have something to do with Man-Child coming home this weekend to celebrate his twentieth birthday.  Maybe I feel the passage of time.  I do know that I love having him home though.  Although, he made a very prophetic statement that stopped me in my tracks.  We were talking about his friends and how they are doing at their various schools when he mentioned that he probably wouldn't be seeing much of them this coming summer.  When I asked why, he stated that a lot of them would be doing internships, etc. and that they (including himself) were getting ready to start their lives.

That could be one reason for the pensiveness and moodiness.  Yes, they are starting their lives.  And moving on.  And although it's a proud moment it's also one of profound sadness - as in the mom days are definitely over.  I need to find a hobby.

I also watched a bunch of angst-ridden, 80's movies this weekend; much to the boys chagrin.  That definitely could have something to do with the mood.

Or it could just be plain, old PMS.  Although, can you call it PMS when you are, apparently, in the beginning stages of what seems to be perimenopause and you are fifteen days past your start date?  I suppose that too could be a legitimate reason for the moodiness.

On the bright side, I did discover something wonderful this weekend though.  Higher-waisted skinny jeans!  I love, love, love skinny jeans.  What I do not love is the fact that until recently you could only find them in low-rise.  This drove me crazy.  I was constantly pulling them up and we won't even discuss the obligatory, no way around it, muffin top that happened when one was seated.

I love these new jeans so much that I bought two pair.  Although, I am thinking I should have bought them a size smaller....even if I did feel that they were a little too tight.  With the spandex they put in the jeans these days they tend to get a bit baggy toward the end of the day.

And then today, I realized that I was still thinking about these shoes after two weeks so I went and bought them.

I admit it.  I am in love with them and have a feeling that I will be wearing them often.

Ah well...tomorrow is a new day that will be kicked off with new shoes.  That's bound to turn the mood around, right?


  1. Oh, you've found some skinny jeans you love, and leopard print shoes! Things will be just fine in the Gigi department, methinks. :-)

  2. I wish clothes, or shoes could make me feel better. Even the thought of shopping sends me over the edge.

  3. I am also brutally moody lately. Though I suspect it has more to do with the hormones they have me on than everything else. I moved my appointment up 3 weeks. Fingers crossed I can come off of them.

    It's not pretty my friend... no pretty at ALL.

  4. Hi, Gigi!

    I am a new reader/follower and I tried to send you an e-mail to proper introduce myself to you, but the ëmail me" link you have on the website gives me a message that your email is incorrect and thus I could not sent you an email.
    I am Nádja and I came across your blog recently and really liked your writting style.
    I understand your moodiness. I went through something similar when I realized that my son was not my lovely little child anymore; but a wanting to be independent teenager. Would it be crazy to say that I mourned the disappearance of that child in him?
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Kind Regards,

  5. Those are great shoes!! I too love the high waisted ANYTHING, shorts, jeans, capris...keeps things "in place"