October 12, 2014

Some days I really wonder about myself....

Today I realized that I have been overdosing myself on generic Claritin; all while thinking I was taking generic Benadryl.  *sigh*

And I had been wondering why I was SO exhausted and headache-y.

As far as I can determine, I haven't done any permanent damage - except to my ego.  It's things like this that make me question my sanity.

How this came about is because I generally buy generic Benadryl in bottles of 100 and I take one every four hours.  One day, in a hurry - as usual, I ran into the store to pick up a new bottle and they didn't have my usual generic brand.  So I grabbed the other generic brand and took off.  And proceeded to take one every four hours, as is my habit.

Oh sure, when I opened the bottle, I was curious as to why there was only 30 pills vs. the 100 and as to why the pills weren't pink - but I didn't do any investigating.

Until today.  When I ran into the store to replenish my supply - only to discover that, once again, they didn't have my usual brand.  So I reached for the other...only to notice finally that the bottle said TWENTY-FOUR HOUR RELIEF!

I put the bottle back and left empty-handed.  Once in my car, I scrambled through my purse searching for my bottle...only to discover that yes, indeed, I had been ingesting the "once every twenty-four hours" tablets three times a day for about a week.


In other news.  After obsessing over the lampshades in yesterday's post, I determined they weren't right.  (As a side note, the Husband actually asked me if I was obsessing over half an inch...it's like he doesn't even KNOW me!) So I packed them back up, and armed with the actual lamp in question, I headed out early, early (who knew?  This store is open at 9 am on Sundays!) to what is usually the most congested area of our city.  And guess what?  At 9:30 am on a Sunday?  The most congested area isn't so congested.

So I returned the shades and spent about an hour lugging my lamp around and trying on shades until I hit upon something that seemed to work.

Still not the best picture - I never claimed to be a photographer

As much as I liked the barrel-shaped lampshade, I think this lamp needs more of an a-line pattern.  And one that was half an inch longer.

So with that task complete, I turned my eye to something a little more crafty.

I know.

I was just asking for trouble.

In my travels I happened upon a sweet, little chalkboard.  With all the beautiful chalkboard creations that abound on the Internet, I had it in my head that I could do that.

Yeah right.

I tried to create a welcoming message free hand.  Multiple times.  It was a total disaster.  So much so that I was ready to toss the sweet, little chalkboard into the trash and call it a lesson learned.

Then I turned to Google.  Which, of course, led me right back to Pinterest.

According to multiple sites, you can create your message via Word or PowerPoint, print it, turn it over, cover the back in chalk and then place the paper chalk side down and trace the words with a pencil.  This method will magically transfer the message; then you can fill it in with your chalk.

I don't know what I did wrong.  My message was transferred but it was SO very faint that I had to cock my head, squint and pray while I re-traced and filled in my message.

But, despite that, it came out much, much better than anything I could have created on my own.


Although, I did do the confetti free-hand...so that's about the extent of my creative, overdoesed abilities.


  1. I like this lampshade much better!!!

  2. I agree that this one works better, but the other one was still okay! And I take generic Claritin, too. I don't think you did any permanent damage; my doctor once told me I could take up to four of those little white thingies a day if I needed to. I now take two a day. :-)

  3. I think that is a gorgeous sign! It is clean and colorful, and the letters are just so well done.

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with it myself.

  4. Pretty sign! I like it.

    I doubt you did any permanent damage with the pills.

  5. Well, I LOVE it. :) I have never been able to master chalk, something about smudging my hands/arm through it. I really want to do crafty gifts this year. Sadly, Tony's decided I need to just buy and wrap it all and get over myself.