July 6, 2015

Getting rid of the uncomfortable....

I walked up to one of my friend's desk today and stated, "As soon as I get home, this dress is going  straight to Goodwill."

She looked up with a smile and told me that she liked the dress.  And that I looked good in it.  And you can see one of the reasons that I consider her a friend.  Then she asked what was wrong with it.

So I told her (and now, you.  You're welcome).

Now I know why I haven't worn this dress since last summer.

Because it's confining.  Not because it's too small.  It's not.  It's actually about a size bigger than what I normally wear.  I checked, of course.

But this morning, as I was trying to determine what to wear, I happened upon this dress and thought, "Oh yeah!  I love this dress.  WHY haven't I worn this lately?"

And in a very short time, I remembered why.  Of course, I remembered well AFTER I left the house and it was too late to go back and change.

It felt like I was stuck in a corset.  Seriously.

Apparently, this dress is cut in such a way as to cause the wearer as much misery as possible.  Throw in the heat and humidity - and I can tell you that I was miserable ALL DAY LONG.

And, yes...as soon as I got home I ripped that dress off, glared at it,  I may have possibly cursed it.  And determined that immediately after being cleaned that sucker is headed for the Goodwill box.

Now, I have turned my eye toward my closet; wondering what other items are lurking in there...waiting to betray me.  But I have vowed, that I will try on/wear EVERY SINGLE ITEM in there and ruthlessly toss those that make me miserable.

Because, I've determined that life is too short to be that miserable ever again.


  1. Wow, that's a very memorable dress all right! What, no pictures? :-)

  2. If I did that half my closet would be gone! Since I quit smoking I've gotten a little "fluffier" but I can't get rid of anything because i don't want to stay this size!

  3. I can't stand uncomfortable clothes... or shoes! (but I don't get rid of anything)

  4. I have the worst time with clothes. Basically I am a 2X though the bust and a size 10 through the waist. And even though I can, I refuse to spend good money on something and then have to alter it down a gazillion sizes. So I wear a lot of t-shirts... which are never long enough, or are long enough until I wash them.

    Needless to say, I give a lot of clothes away.

    An embarrassing amount actually...