July 14, 2015

Will there be a review? It depends.

As some long time readers may recall from this post, I am a HUGE fan of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.  So much so, that I have read and re-read this book many, many times.  I've seen the movie and the play, over and over.  I love it so much and think it should be required reading in every single high school that exists, period.

So, as you might imagine, I was beyond delighted - and a little apprehensive - when I learned that Harper Lee's publisher was putting out another book.  As we all know, To Kill a Mockingbird is the only book that Harper Lee has ever published.  And now, approximately fifty-four years later - AFTER her sister and attorney dies - all of a sudden this manuscript is found?  AND, she agrees to publish it?  After approximately fifty-four years of silence?

I'm sure you will agree, it looks fishy.

But, but...I knew I HAD to get it, because...HARPER LEE.

I knew it was coming out today - and was figuring I would try to fight the hordes of people that would surely be at Barnes and Noble to find a copy at lunch time...until, I read in the paper - this morning - that our local store was opening at 7:00 am just for this release.

Needless to say, I rushed through my morning routine and arrived at the store at 7:30 am expecting a crowd.  And kind of thrilled - because I've never been one to join in the release of anything; be it a book, a movie, or a piece of technology, NEVER.

 And...no one was there.  I walked in, picked up my copy, checked out without any wait.  I asked the guy behind the counter if anyone had been in yet.  He said that a few folks were there when they opened but that otherwise, no.  Apparently, most people pre-ordered the book and slept in.  I must admit, I was kind of disappointed.  My initial reaction was "don't people READ anymore?!" which I knew wasn't true...many of my friends and readers of this blog are "readers" (aka - people who read ACTUAL books).

As long time readers also know - I do reviews of books that I love.  In fact, there is a little tab up there at the top of the page that will show all the reviews of every book that I've written about.  But, as the tab so aptly describes, it's "Books I love Enough to Tell You About" - which means, if I don't like it, I won't tell you about it.

Now, although I have avoided all the spoilers that I can, I have heard a few things that are disappointing.  Things that allude to the tarnishing of a hero.  So it's entirely possible that this may be the last post about this book that you'll see from me.  But I hope not.

So tell me...are YOU planning to read this book?  And?  Like me, are you hoping for the best?


  1. I doubt I'll read the book, but I'm sure I'll be hearing about it from just about everywhere, including the news. Anxious to hear what you have to say, if you end up saying anything.

  2. I'm not sure I'll read it. But I really do hope you will give us a review here. I'm looking forward to hearing what a diehard Mockingbird fan thinks of it. :-)

  3. I will definitely read it too x

  4. Nope. Sorry.

    I'm limiting myself to easy readers (currently Paper Towns) so that the kids can eat on a timely basis. When I read Game Of Thrones (900 pages) no one ate or had clean clothes for 4 days.

    It wasn't pretty.