October 11, 2015

Good news; bad news.

Let's start with the bad...only because I prefer to get the good news last, if for no other reason than to soothe the hurt from the bad...

Yesterday, I came flying into the kitchen yelling "There's a house for sale in THAT neighborhood!  AND it's in our range!"

On the high end, but still...

We immediately placed the phone call to set up an appointment.  As we've discovered, if a house in one of our desired neighborhoods is put up for sale, and is in our price range, they go fast; faster than a speeding bullet, you could say.

This morning we saw the house and both agreed this could be THE house.  We put an offer in fifteen minutes after leaving the showing.  And then the agony began.

I received the offer paperwork in my email within the hour. But for whatever reason, The Husband never did.  Eventually, the realtor just drove the paperwork over and informed us there was another offer on the table. *sigh* Of course there was...we signed the paperwork, sent her on her way and crossed our fingers.

We felt our chances were pretty good.  Our offer was decent.  We are pre-qualified.  We are in a month to month lease so there isn't a sale contingency - in sum, we could close almost immediately.

And then we received the call...we didn't get it.  The other offer was not only for full price, but was in cash!


Who in the hell has that much cash on hand?!

How can we compete with that?  We can't.

So, once again, we are back to square one.  I've gotta tell you, I'm pretty sick of square one right about now.

Now for the good news...

For the past few weeks I have been really struggling.  My personal email app automatically updated and threw my life into a tailspin.  It was the whole Yahoo debacle all over again (minus the whole "MY EYE! MY EYE! piece - thank God!).

I was receiving email on the phone, but I wasn't receiving notifications.  And, as you know, what good is having a smart phone if it isn't going to give you notifications?  Yeah, it's worthless.

I was Googling like crazy but just wasn't getting the answers I needed.  Because, apparently, Google requires you to put the words together in JUST the right order.  Today, magic happened and I was able to string the words together JUST right...and JUST like that my ordeal was over.

So in sum, we don't have a house BUT I have email...it's not perfect, but I'll take it.

Just making lemonade over here out of all these damn lemons...


  1. Oh. Gosh, that was close. I'm so sorry it didn't work out this time. I am sitting here wondering if I can uncross my fingers and toes one of these days... :-)

  2. One day soon, I hope, you'll be able to uncross everything.

  3. Itwillhappenitwillhappenitwillhappen...............

    1. Eventually, I'm just so tired of waiting.

    2. Eventually, I'm just so tired of waiting.

  4. We have a house you could buy.... we will sell it DIRT cheap... but you'd have to move to Cape Cod.


    (We need to have this estate mess done and over with before Oldest's Sophomore year for financial aid reasons... or as we're calling it, the "hide the money year".)