October 25, 2015

The Life Changing Magic of Folding Rectangles...

About a month ago, I posted this tweet (follow me at @gigirambles)

At the time, I truly believed that those drawers would once again be in shambles in no time.  I mean, honestly?  I've lived with this man for almost twenty-five years; and in all that time?  His drawers have ALWAYS been in a state of disarray...no matter how many times I've rearranged them.

I would re-fold everything to perfection only to have him rummage through them looking for THAT t-shirt (don't get me started on WHY he needs to wear a t-shirt EVERY day) which would, of course, ruin the order that I thought I had created.

But now here we are; a month later - and I can proudly report, those damn drawers are STILL in order!

Yes. a miracle has occurred! And look...I have evidence!

Be still my heart!  STILL neat and orderly!

If you've been hanging out on the internet at all in the past 6 months or so, then surely you've heard of the book by Marie Kondo - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the, apparently, amazing way of folding clothing; which certainly IS life changing - as evidenced by the still pristine drawers.

The basic premise is fold your clothes in rectangles so they stand up in the drawers.  This is key because the Husband is able to see exactly what he has and pick out exactly which shirt he wants to wear - without disturbing the order of the other shirts.

For your convenience, this link will show you how to fold shirts in this fashion.

After seeing how well this worked for the Husband - without getting rid of any of his stuff (except for socks with holes) - I went out and bought the book.

The Husband actually said to me a few days ago, "I never knew I had SO many socks!"  (Yes, this man owns more socks than any other person on this earth...I wish I was kidding - between his socks and t-shirts it's ridiculous)

I haven't done anything with my clothes yet - but I am eyeballing things more closely lately and find that I am more inclined to toss items into the Goodwill box than usual.  I'm thinking that once I get a weekend to myself that my drawers will also get a makeover - even though I'm not as sloppy with my drawers as the Husband has been with his in the past.

I'm also eyeballing his closet; which seriously needs to be sorted...


  1. I did the attic this weekend, because at some point the roofer will magically come and replace the roof and get tiny specks of asphalt all over everything. So yeah, I cleaned out everything in the attic. We are down to two small piles of plastic buckets that can easily be covered by tarps.

    My only hope that it will stay that way is that Tony can't fit into our attic. :)

    1. LOl! Yup, if the Husband can't access it, it's amazing how tidy it will stay!

  2. Now I am looking forward to folding my t-shirts this way and being able to figure out what I've got in there without having to take everything out! This is so cool! Thanks, Gigi. :-)

  3. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I just love when things stay organized, well I will love it if it ever happens!

  4. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I just love when things stay organized, well I will love it if it ever happens!

  5. Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment!