October 13, 2015

Right about now I'm thinking they are just screwing with me....

I am truly thinking that the manufacturer of my contact lens solution is jerking me around.

The backstory (of course there is one, haven't you met me?)...

A few months ago, I got a new contact lens prescription.  And all was well with the world.  Until the contacts really started to bother me a few days in...so I called the eye doctor's office.  They informed me that these particular contacts really should be cleaned with Clear Care or another peroxide-based solution; particularly during allergy season (which for me is pretty much all year round).

So I did what any reasonable person would do...I went out and bought the recommended solution.  And all was well.

This particular solution states that you should discard the container with every new purchase as the little gray piece neutralizes the peroxide, which means that if you continually re-use the case eventually that little gray thing will quit neutralizing and you will be on the floor, writhing in pain one morning, when you insert a contact that is chock full of peroxide.

This was all fine and dandy as the first container had a blue side and a white side to denote which contact (left or right) went where.

The right contact goes in the blue side; the left goes in the white

For a severely near-sighted women who, for the record CANNOT see ANYTHING up close with her contacts in, this was a boon.


Because even though I couldn't see the teeny-tiny imprinted "R" on the blue side, I could differentiate blue from white.

And then every single subsequent buy netted me THIS...

For the most un-observant of you, yes...BOTH sides are white.  And?  To add insult to injury, the imprinted "R"?  It's also white.  Which means, I can't SEE which side is reserved for the right contact unless I remove one of my lenses and squint REALLY hard, all while juggling the fragile lens on the tip of one finger.  *sigh*

Does life really need to be THIS difficult?  Yes, I know... #firstworldproblems...but still.

Now, according to this press release, the blue and white case is the "new and improved" case.  I'm crossing my fingers that the suppliers hurry up and sell all of the old product so the "new and improved" version is more readily available - because right about now, I'm ready to chance the whole "writhing on the floor in pain" option.


  1. So glad I don't have to deal with contacts! Couldn't you get some readers to help you out in times like this? Surely you have some glasses as a backup??? I refuse to believe to are too vain to have a backup, please say it isn't so.

    1. I do have glasses but I can't see with them when my contacts are in and I can't take the contacts out and just lay them on the counter while I figure out which lens goes in which cage. It's a conundrum.

  2. How about a magnifying glass nearby? Wouldn't that help? You DO have some of the strangest problems I've ever heard of, Gigi! :-)

    1. That's a great idea! And yes, I do...but with this particular problem, I'm not alone...I've talked to at least two other people with the same issue!

    2. You are SO, SO, not alone.

  3. Okay... as someone who used this type of cleaning method from 1987 to 3 years ago, for the love of GOD woman, just save the blue case and snap the little gray disk off the bottom of the white case and pop it on the blue. (They used to sell the disk separate, that could work too.)

    And to make you feel better I have done it all... from not letting them disinfect the full time necessary to neutralize, to shooting the pure disinfectant into my eye because I could not see that it was not the regular saline.

    They have since colored the top of the peroxide bottle red.

    Before then, it was god times, let me tell you.

    I wear the dailies now. Pop 'em in and pitch them at the end of the day. Always clean and no peroxide.

    1. Are you kidding me?? That's an option?!

      Total game changer - thank you!