August 17, 2016

I've never been so stressed out over a vacation...

We have had this trip on the calendar for MONTHS.  We are headed off to visit family and have a mini-family reunion and throw in a surprise birthday party for my Mother-In-Law (sssshh!).

Our plan was to take tomorrow and Friday off along with next week.  The hope was that we'd have the reunion, maybe take a trip into NYC (my first visit!) and a few other day trips.  Everything was set.

Until last week.

We have been asking Man-Child for weeks now when he needed to be back - he's finished his summer classes and is all set to do his student teaching this fall semester.  Turns out that school starts on the 29th, with teacher meetings taking place during next week.  And he, of course, had no idea whether or not he needs to attend the meetings.  Finally, last week he informs us that he has to be back on Monday, the 22nd.  Of course.

We adjust our plans - we figure we will skip the week off and come back on Sunday and The Husband and I will just take Monday and Tuesday off and plan for a vacation for just the two of us in the fall.  Long time readers will know that this is almost unprecedented.

The next thing I know, Man-Child now doesn't have to come back until Wednesday *sigh*.  We leave our plans as is.  Then I find that Man-Child is asking that if his girlfriend can join us. *sigh*

Truly, I'm sure her joining wouldn't be a big deal's the deal - the car we rented isn't really big enough for The Husband, me, Man-Child, The Girlfriend AND the MIL that we are picking up on the way.  Not to mention, the fact that it is rude and inconsiderate to add another guest last minute to the Brother-In-Law's hospitality - particularly since we will be staying in his condo.  Which by my count - if she comes - means SEVEN overnight guests (us three, The Girlfriend, the MIL and - possibly, BIL's two girls) and remember - this trip has been on the books for MONTHS - why wait till the last minute?

Then I overhear The Husband on the phone with his mother waffling on whether or not we will be arriving on Thursday or Friday.  First off, knowing my husband, I was shocked.  He is the kind of guy who wants to know what the plan is and doesn't want to deviate from said plan.  Second, my Mother-In-Law is a woman who wants to know the plan.  She needs to know whether or not she needs to worry about dinner on Thursday or lunch on Friday.

And then, in the past two days, I've been informed that, yes, The Girlfriend is coming and that, no, Man-Child really has to be here by Tuesday.  By now, both eyes are twitching simultaneously.  And my temper is rising.

So this morning, I asked The Husband when The Girlfriend was planning on showing up as are planning to leave early tomorrow.  Whereupon, I am informed that The Girlfriend "may not be able to get off work" - not to mention that classes started yesterday.  Needless to say, today I was aggravated, as all my co-workers can attest after listening to me vent ALL.DAY.LONG.

This evening, as I'm driving The Husband to pick up the rental car he informs me that we STILL don't know whether or not The Girlfriend will be joining us.

At this point, I figure I will wake up tomorrow and whoever is here when we leave will join us.  I also figure that lots of wine will be featured in this trip - at this point, I think I deserve it; especially since I still won't get to NYC.


  1. I think that's really rude to invite the girlfriend to come long. I would have put my foot down hard on that one. You are just too sweet and easily manipulated. Hope she doesn't come. Just my two cents. :-)

  2. That is just WAY TOO MUCH BS for someone that is supposed to be an adult! Someone needs to put a foot down, excuse me for saying so! Are you going to help him keep his class schedules straight when he becomes a teacher??? Do NOT allow him to do you that way!