January 14, 2018

Procrastination - again.

Despite telling myself over and over that I'll do better, I never seem to *sigh*

Remember this post from November 2016!!  You will note, that I had cleaned out the dressing room/closet/whatever, but had left two boxes of pictures, frames, etc. to be dealt with later.  My reluctance to deal with those boxes had to do with pictures that I don't have copies of and what to do with them.

And here we are a year and some months later; and today, I finally went through those boxes.  And, as I reckoned in the above referenced post, I was able to toss some pictures and others were sent upstairs while I ponder the best way to deal with them.  I'm sure what will eventually happen is that I will scan them and consign the originals to an album, as that only makes sense.  I'm sure two years from now, I will have a post saying "Remember those old photos I sent upstairs to be dealt with later..."

Before I could begin dealing with those two boxes though I had the jigsaw puzzle to finish.  Yes, the card table was set up in the dressing room/closet/whatever - so between that and the boxes this room was not a fun room to be in, as it was crowded and messy.  I attempted to finish the puzzle last night but, as I told The Husband, I'd spent so much time looking at the remaining pieces that they were beginning to look like the same color.

This morning when I came in to finish the puzzle, I noted that most of the remaining pieces were different shades of black and blue - so I wasn't wrong.  As I slowly winnowed away the remaining pieces, I was looking forward to that last, VERY satisfying "there" as I snapped the last piece into place, when I realized...


The last piece was no where to be found! I "might" have told The Husband that this was probably Man-Child's doing - who isn't here this weekend.  The Husband thought this was unfair BUT I recall a few years ago, that he had absconded with a random piece.  He wanted the satisfaction of putting that last piece in place without doing the work.

Eventually, I gave up and went to get dressed.  When I opened the closet, I found the missing piece.  Apparently, it had attached itself to my clothing at some point and fell off in the closet.  At least I got that last satisfying, "there" as I snapped it into place.

Now that those boxes have been dispatched - off to Goodwill filled with the clothes and shoes that I pulled from the closet that I will never wear, the puzzle and card table have been put away and the room is positively huge with nothing cluttering up the place.  And once again, I have reclaimed the room.

Can I now state with certainty that we are officially unpacked after moving in almost two years ago?  No. There is still a box of books and another stack of books sitting in the master waiting for me to figure out a home for them - which will require a new bookcase, I fear.  The problem?  Where to put said bookcase.  And let's not even mention the garage or upstairs - where there are several items in addition to those photos to be dealt with!

But we won't dwell on that just now - no, instead we will relish in the fact that this one room is done.  Well, not really.  I have thoughts for the future but am working with what I have for the moment; so for now, it IS done.

And, for an update on my disgusting and lazy co-workers...

This was taken EIGHT days after the first photo
in the above referenced post

Someone has cleaned the knife - but not the platters.  Personally, I think Housekeeping finally took pity on me; because I seriously doubt if anyone in this group would have taken care of it; obviously since they are still sitting here.  It's still beyond my comprehension why these items haven't been claimed yet.


  1. I have a theory on the unclaimed platters. A man (or men) brought them in with food for your party. They, not having having made the food, don't realize that they are THEIR platters. And because they look disposable or plastic (cheap), their wives probably aren't asking for them back. Thus everyone thinks they are someone else's and they will remain their until you can take it to longer!

  2. I am so glad you had the satisfaction of snapping that last puzzle piece in. That looks like it was a rather difficult puzzle. And congratulations on getting almost moved in, Gigi. I'll refrain from commenting on the dirty plates, since there's not much more to add to your refrain. :-)

  3. I have a similar situation with boxes that I still need to attend to. When we refinished our floors on the first floor before Halloween, I stacked up picture frames and so much of what was in the study closet. Now I have most of it put back, but there are still stacks of things that are haunting me. I just can't seem to make it a priority. I get one area organized and then I turn around and see another stack of stuff. So irritating!