April 18, 2018

Lineman Appreciation Day

First and foremost thank you for your kind comments on the last post.  My heart still aches and I am dreading the memorial service this weekend, more than you will ever know. 

Just last night I was telling The Husband that it seems like I am receiving an email from Duke Power just about every single day.  And that this is what is wrong with doing business online (I had switched our service to this house when we moved online in order to keep from talking to someone on the phone)...because once they have your email address they send you copious amounts of ridiculous email.  And then follow it up with a paper copy - if you haven't elected for paperless statements; which we haven't because The Husband wants to see actual bills for some random reason.

Yesterday's email was to praise us for how "energy efficient" we are compared to our neighbors...followed up with a paper copy in the mail.  Which is insane because our windows are old and I am looking at condensation on one right now - so I KNOW this house isn't "energy efficient."  And, for the record, just how "energy efficient" is it to send an email to that effect AND a paper copy, Duke Power?

Today's email sent me over the edge because...really?!  Here's the subject line...

Apparently, today is Lineman Appreciation Day.  And while I do appreciate them that doesn't mean I'm about to go out and accost one.

I get that they work hard to provide us with power; particularly after natural disasters - we just had a couple tornadoes touch down not far from here so I KNOW they are working hard to restore power to the affected areas.  And I appreciate all they do.

But honestly, Duke Power?  I really wanted to hit Reply and tell them that if I went out and found a lineman to hug 1) my husband would really NOT be happy for me to to do that and 2) I'd be disrupting their work.

Now, I'm off to hit "unsubscribe" and cross my fingers that it works because for all I know tomorrow is "Operator Appreciation Day and for the life of me, I would even know WHERE to begin to find one of those to hug.


  1. That is weird. I am with you - I am so tired of the phone calls and the excessive emails. Leave me alone! There is a number very close to my own cell number. It calls me often. I elect 'block number' on my phone and they still manage to call me back a few weeks later. Exhausting.

  2. Well, congratulations on being energy efficient, anyway. That's a good thing. And we don't get all those emails and mailings from our energy company. They sure are expensive is my biggest gripe, but I sure do love having electricity! :-)