August 21, 2018

A Wedding Dilemma...

We have a wedding to attend.  This is momentous only because it coincides with a trip up north to visit my beloved Mother-In-Law.

Let us ponder why is this momentous.  Because I have managed to convince The Husband that BOTH events NEED to happen.  Will it be inconvenient?  Yes.  Will it be expensive?  Yes.  Is The Husband's anxiety ratcheted up beyond his normal levels? Yes. Do both need to happen?  Yes.

We have watched this boy grow up since before kindergarten.  His family considers us family.  The trip up north is important because The Husband's mother isn't getting any younger (thank God, she's in good health, but still...) so it is ALL important.

At any rate, we are going to the wedding.  Usually, I know the etiquette for these types of things...but this one is stumping me.

The (church) ceremony is at 2:00 pm - which denotes a certain type of dress.  The reception isn't until 5:00 pm - which gives a little more leeway regarding the dress.  The Husband, bless him, is stuck in a suit either way.

So what do you think - do I wear one dress for the church and another for the reception?  Or do I need to find that ONE (elusive) particular dress that works for both situations?


  1. You need two. Why not? More fun than one elusive dress. :-)

  2. If you have the time and the convenience to change into a different dress, I vote for a wardrobe change. If it is going to add stress and you don't WANT to change into another dress, then don't bother.

    Sounds super fun! Where roughly are you headed?

    1. We will be headed up to Pennsylvania to see my mother in law and then driving back here and then on to Hilton Head for the wedding.

  3. It's hard enough to find just one dress so I say stick with that! If you find something you love for the reception that is a little too revealing for church you could always buy a shrug or a wrap to wear in church and then remove it for the party! Good luck whatever you decide. Shopping under pressure is no fun!