January 10, 2019

The latest gadget to enter our home

In mid-December, as The Husband watched me struggle to open a bottle of wine before shooing me away and doing it himself asked, "Didn't we used to have a really nice corkscrew?"

And we did, kind of.  It wasn't fancy; it was from the Pampered Chef and I was able to use it easily because I didn't have to be tall enough to pull the arms down from a traditional corkscrew.

With this one I didn't have to be tall to use it.

This one, replaced the other one and required me to stand on my tippy-toes

But, as with anything plastic, after years of use the Pampered Chef corkscrew broke and we resorted to the traditional corkscrew - which is fine for anyone who is an inch or two taller than me...unless I want to carry the bottle, glass, and corkscrew to the kitchen table - then I probably could use it without a problem since the table top is much lower than our counters.

All that to say, it gave me an idea for a Christmas gift for The Husband...and the hunt was on.  I knew I wanted a nice one that wasn't complicated.  I saw some that looked like this

Look at that...Pampered Chef has upped their game

and they intimidated me.  So I found myself at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with coupon in hand and I came across this

Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener

After a quick consultation with Google - who told me that this particular corkscrew had plenty of good reviews - I bought it, took it home, wrapped it up, and put it under the tree for The Husband to open on Christmas morning.

The "cordless" part is a misnomer kind of, in that the base has a cord which requires the item to reside on my counter, plugged in.  And, as I'm sure you all know by now, I hate for things to be on my counter as permanent fixtures (this is one area where The Husband and I don't agree, at all - since he wants EVERYTHING out that he might possibly use) - except for my coffee maker and KitchenAid Mixer...until now.

I LOVE this thing!

Yes, I realize it was a gift for The Husband - and, for the record, he loves it too - but the ability to push ONE button and the cork is removed and to push another button and the cork slides out into your hand and there are NO tippy-toes involved? Love it.

Another plus?  It's pretty low profile, so it doesn't STAND OUT that it is residing on my kitchen counter.  Although, I do have to say, the foil cutter that is included?  Meh, not so great - but still the actual product? Fabulous.  

So there you go, even though it's WAY too early for a "gift guide" for Christmas post - tuck this away in the back of your mind for next Christmas.

*crossing fingers that I haven't doomed this product to it's early demise on my kitchen counter with this post.*


  1. Ha! A very useful item, it seems. I have one I love called a "Screwpull." To me it's perfect, but mostly these days my wine comes in a box. :-)

  2. A corkscrew was something Coach and I never really paid much attention to. We inherited one - I suspect from my uncle who passed away when I was in college. (I got his pots and pans too.) We don't really know where the relic came from. Anyway, at a party once one of our guests almost bust a gut laughing at the antique we were using to open wine. After that, we upgraded to something more modern and socially acceptable, but not this fancy. We don't drink a lot of wine. I am a Mike's Hard Lemonade kind of girl. I know, cheap date, right? Always great to give a gift that you also enjoy. One year I gave Coach a new comforter for our bed. I happened to love it! (He always says he doesn't want anything, so I took full advantage).


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