January 13, 2019

At least I was kind of productive during this winter event...

Almost, to the date, a month ago we were hammered with a winter event which left us pretty much house-bound due to the 12-ish or so inches of snow.  This weekend we braced for another event - only this time we were being promised ice.  Lots and lots of ice.  And once again, despite our prayers, the forecasters were correct.

When I woke up, the trees were coated in so much ice.  As I wandered down the driveway in search of my paper, I thought the driveway didn't feel too slick.  And didn't think much more about it.  Until an hour later when the power went out.  Dammit.  At one point, The Husband wandered in, noticed the power was out and went back to bed for another hour or so.  All told, we were only without power for almost four hours - inconvenient, yes - but it's not like we had to spend DAYS without power (we've lived that nightmare before), so we are grateful.

Thankfully, the streets weren't too bad, according to The Husband, who braved the roads fool that he is.  I wisely stayed behind.  And not five minutes after he left I heard a HUGE crash.  I looked out the dining room window and saw that the tree tops had snapped under the weight of the ice.  I ventured out, hoping for a picture...

But upon hearing the trees to my left creaking, and the wind blowing, I got nervous so I was only able to snap this very unhelpful picture.  But you can the ice that is coating all the trees.

I called The Husband, and once he ascertained that the downed trees weren't near the house, acted like it was no big deal.  Until he got home.  The first words out of his mouth were, "It looks like a #$&%*( war zone out there!!!"  And then promptly went out to secure a better picture.

Note that all the remaining trees are leaning...

What this picture doesn't show is that this destruction is along the ENTIRE back perimeter of our yard.  The Husband looked at the destruction and declared that he is too old for this.  That this would be at least three weekends of work to clear.

There is a grove of trees off to the left which are leaving me worried about sleeping in our bed tonight - which is on that side of the house - I'm pretty sure, I'll head upstairs, to the opposite end of the house, tonight. And, as I type, I hear the hum of chainsaws in the background...in the very, very dark, background...that can't be safe!

I spent a good portion of the morning online (after the power came back on) but eventually got restless and decided this would be a good time to tidy up my dressing room/closet/whatever.  Which then led me to go through EVERY SINGLE dresser drawer (except the ONE drawer he is allowed to put all his "stuff," i.e. "junk" - not clothes, etc.) in the house.  And once that chore was accomplished, I turned my sights to The Hoarder's Husband's closet.  I thought about posting a "Before" picture but couldn't bear the thought that the picture would reside forever on the internet.

I will note, that through all this cleaning out and tidying, I did not get rid of anything of The Husband's without his express permission; albeit that permission may have been given while he had one eye on the game...

As a result, I ended up with two garbage bags full of stuff headed to Goodwill tomorrow and The Husband's closet actually looks like a closet...still an overstuffed closet...but progress.

Now I'm going to cross my fingers that the power holds out through the night and see what tomorrow brings.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get some pictures and write a blog post. It looks truly scary to me. Ice is so heavy and destructive to the trees. I wouldn't be driving in it, for sure!

  2. WOW! That's a lot of ice. So unfortunate about the trees. Glad your power was not out for too long. That is the worst!

  3. Here in Davidson County we definitely did not get that much ice. When I took Sarah to Bishop yesterday, I was shocked at how much ice they got in Kernersville. I'm just thankful the roads were clear. Ice storms are the worst and I'm so sorry about your trees.