January 1, 2019


We've all heard it a thousand times - get yourself measured for a bra every couple of years.  Sadly, this is usually low on my priority list.  I've been the same size for YEARS.  And it's been fine.  Now, I'm not gonna lie - for the past year or so I've had a hate-hate relationship with my bras.

One day, one would be fine.  Great even.  And then it wouldn't.  As I've rotated between the ones that were great some days and not so great on other days, I came to hate them all.

Today, I finally decided that enough was enough and headed to Soma to be fitted.  The clerk was friendly and helpful...and informed me that I was a completely different size.  EVERYTHING was different - the band size, the cup size - EVERYTHING.

Upon her recommended size, I tried on a few and found one that seemed to be okay.  Now here's the deal with trying on bras.  You only have it on for a few minutes...and in that minute or two everything seems to be fine; so you buy it; which I did.

When I got home, I ripped off that hateful bra that had been driving me crazy and got into the new one; figuring THIS was going to be glorious.  And while it was...better; it still wasn't quite right.  If the bra manufacturer's are to be believed, you aren't supposed to be aware that you are wearing a bra...I think they LIE - how could you NOT be aware that you are wearing one?

Now considering I have tried to measure myself numerous times and my results have fluctuated wildly - I'm wondering if I should go somewhere else to be measured.  Because to be honest; this result flummoxed me completely and from the time I put the new one on until I put on my pajamas, I was TOTALLY aware that I was wearing one.

So I'm thinking this weekend, I will find another place for a fitting and see what they say.

In other news, I head back to work tomorrow *sob* and wondering why I can't work from home (bra-less)...

Happy New Year!  And here's hoping this is the year that I can find a bra that I don't realize I'm wearing...we all have our dreams.


  1. It depends a lot on how much support you need. When I wore underwires, they were all uncomfortable. I only wear soft stretchy ones these days. :-)

  2. And this is why i had the foresight to ditch my training bra every day after school in the fall when i was in 6th grade. I ran my tomboy self outside wearing a heavy red sweatshirt so my mom wouldn't know i was braless. . . even though it was like 85 degrees out. Nothing i hate more than a bra that should be fine but causes me discomfort!

  3. Bra shopping is the worst! I literally just go into the store and try a million of them on and then find the one that is the least ill fitting and buy several. I even tried Third Love online and almost found a good one but apparently they said I need a half size which they don't make (or didn't at the time). I'm wondering if those of us that can't ever find a good fitting bra are half sizes??

  4. Well ... you COULD go to work bra-less. Just saying ... ;-)