February 5, 2019

She just needs a little "seasoning"

I've mentioned before that as a company, we are trying to lure younger, hipper employees by having a more "fun" workplace.  Obviously, no one has bothered to look up the definition of "work" which is the exact opposite of "fun."  I digress...

Last Friday, in the run up to the Super Bowl (yawn), was "Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey" day.  I opted for a blue, tiny polka-dotted shirt...because who doesn't love polka-dots?  Hey, I'm all for Company Spirit until it crosses the line into something I have absolutely NO interest in - then?  I will go my own way.

At any rate, another co-worker, was charged with setting up Super Bowl "snack stations" in the common areas that morning, which I thought was a nice gesture from Human Resources, and I thank them for the peanuts that morning that held me over until lunch.

One of our newer, younger co-workers had a big meeting that day - probably her first ever, big meeting.  I watched as she walked them around the floor, pointing out each department (which these people had no interest in), but not actually introducing them to actual people.  And then, I heard later from someone else, she pointed out the potted plants that dot the Executive Management area and mentioned that we have "plant people" come in to care for them...ummm?  What was the purpose of this particular comment?

Not long after she ushered them into a conference room - with them most likely thinking that this can't be normal - my co-worker charged with setting up the Super Bowl "snack stations" came to me and asked, "Who the hell took that ENTIRE basket of snacks?!"  She came to me because the "snack station" was kinda sorta in my sight line.  I had no idea.  I had just walked by the area and saw the snacks and now they were gone.

Turned out, kind of like I suspected, the newer, younger co-worker scooped up the basket and took it with her to the conference room.  I think she must have thought it would be nice to have "goodies" for the meeting...not realizing that those "goodies" were not her's to take, and that, in fact if she wanted "goodies" she should have ordered them in beforehand.

Needless to say when this extraordinarily long meeting took a break, my co-worker walked into the conference room and took the basket out and put it back where it belonged and said, "I HOPE she asks me about it!"

This particular, new co-worker appears to be on the ball - in other areas - very nice, bubbly and competent...but she needs some "seasoning" to learn office environment etiquette...namely, you don't take something that is not yours to take without asking someone first.


  1. Oh brother. I must admit I do enjoy workplace-drama posts. I guess it reminds me that I never really liked working in an office with people who did NOT know how to behave. I think I am better suited to the tots even with diaper changing duty.

    If this girl is new, you would think she would be a bit more careful not to screw up. This is just basic social skills!!!

    'Here are our potted plants. We have PEOPLE for them.' So nutty and cringy.

  2. Hmmm. Seems she's got plans to become upper management. Take what you want and blame someone else if anyone complains. I'm so glad to be retired!! :-)

  3. This made me think back to when I was young and new in the office. I hope I didn't say anything ridiculous like that! Maybe she was just nervous? She definitely needs some seasoning!