February 9, 2019

The Plague and Unfair Pricing Practices

So, way back in December I mentioned that The Husband had bronchitis.  What I've neglected to mention since, that he's been sick with a cold/virus off and on ever since.  He seems to be on the mend now...now that he has finally infected ME with whatever nastiness that he had.

And here I was, smugly thinking that I'd skate through this winter without getting something.  That's what I get for being smug, I suppose.

I feel awful and am hoping the Dayquil/Nyquil combo will get me through; while I shoot daggers from my eyes every time I see The Husband for subjecting me to this abject hell.

Today, we had lunch at a local chain.  This particular chain resides near a local college and we eat there on a fairly regular basis.  Today, when we went in, we were given dinner menus - which had a lunch menu that specified that lunch was ONLY available Monday through Friday.  This kind of flummoxed me as I KNOW we've eaten off the lunch menu on the weekend before - and seemed to remember that we usually were given a specific lunch menu.

We decided that maybe this location wasn't getting enough business on the weekends lately to justify lunch prices, and were only offering dinner menus now, so we ordered off the dinner menu.  As we were enjoying our entrees, two different sets of college students came in.

Both sets were given the lunch menus.  And both sets ordered from the lunch menus.

The Husband and I exchanged shocked looks.  As we discussed, under our breath, whether or not management had told their servers to give out different menus to different customers.

We like this restaurant, so it's not like we will be boycotting them - but the next time we go in on a weekend, I will be requesting a lunch menu.

That is, if I live long enough, to go back...


  1. I am praying I don't get sick this winter, what with the new job and all. No sick leave to speak of, and I need my regular leave for lots of other things!

  2. That does seem suspicious. I would be watching them like a hawk after all that. And gosh, Gigi, he didn't do it on purpose! Hope you recover more quickly than he has. :-)

  3. Being sick is ROTTEN! Since I babysit for a germy group of tots, I fear their colds like nothing else. I am constantly washing my hands. So far this year I have only had minor cold symptoms despite one 1.5 yr old -he sneezes in my face every time I lay him down to change his diaper!!! 2 yrs ago I got VERY VERY sick from the boys I was watching. They came to my house with horrible coughs. It was early in the year and I spent hundreds on multiple doc visits and meds since my deductible had not been met. At one point the doc thought I might have pnuemonia. And it was right when Coach and I were going out of town.

    That lunch menu thing is bogus! I think I would have commented to the server-even if I did so in a light hearted, joking way. So they would know I was not falling for that again.