March 23, 2019

A brownie is a brownie is a brownie...or is it?

Last weekend, I asked The Husband to pick up two boxes of brownie mix.  I had planned on making brownies for our car guy as he was going to work on my car, on his day off no less, and that's just one of the many reasons he is our car guy.  The other mix was just to have on hand for when the next "brownie emergency" cropped up. What, you don't have "brownie emergencies?"

Now, knowing that I make all of my cookies and most of my cakes from scratch - you are probably wondering why I don't make brownies from scratch.  And there is a reason.  It's quite possibly the STUPIDEST reason in the world. . .

It's because I don't keep cocoa powder on hand.  Why?  Probably because most of the cookies or cakes in general rotation around here don't call for it.  Generally, I keep plenty of those ingredients on hand...but not cocoa powder.

At any rate, I sent The Husband off with no further instruction as to what buy other than "brownie mix."  To be honest, I figured he would come home with the cheapest brownie mix he could find.  Which was fine by me because a brownie mix is a brownie mix, right?

At least, I used to think that.

He came home with two boxes of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownie mix with chocolate chips.  And I am just here to tell you that, hands down, this mix kills the myth that a brownie is a brownie.  Of course, I would never turn down a brownie that was whipped up from another mix, because brownies are delicious.  But these brownies?  Oh, so heavenly.  And I can confirm our car guy thoroughly enjoyed his batch.

As usual - blurry picture

Man-Child dropped by after I had already passed the brownies on to the car guy and as he was walking in he noticed the empty box in the recycling container and, literally, the first words out his mouth was "Where are the brownies?"  So I promised to make him some this weekend.  See?  I knew a "brownie emergency" was imminent.

But now that I see, in writing, how stupid my reason is for not making homemade brownies, I will promptly buy a can of cocoa powder and await the next "brownie emergency" so I can try my hand at homemade brownies.  In the meantime, take my word for it, if you need a brownie mix this one is fabulous.

Now about that pie crust that I also don't make from scratch - well, that will never happen because no matter how hard I try, I just cannot master that.

Not sponsored in any way, shape or form.  Promise.


  1. Boy do those brownies look delicious. And yes, I've had a brownie emergency or two myself. :-)

  2. Thanks for the tip on the brownie mix! I only use mix to make brownies so I will keep this in mind next time I need to make some!

  3. I consider myself a good baker, but if I am going to make brownies - they are coming from a box. Why put forth the effort, when the good people at Duncan Hines have done it for you? I bet the Ghirladelli brand is amazing, and I am not just saying that because I have Celiac disease and ANY flipping brownie mix sounds dreamy to me.