March 13, 2019

Moving (again) and a possibly productive weekend, I hope...

Two weekends ago, I practically, single-handedly moved Man-Child.  His roommate needed to move back home to help his parents out.  So Man-Child needed to move to a smaller, cheaper apartment. 

We had told him he could just come home but after that taste of freedom plus the hour (or more) long commute had him turning down our offer to coddle him just a tiny bit more.

When The Husband and I arrived to assist, the boys had already moved all the heavy furniture (thank God!) but had neglected to actually pack anything - which immediately became my priority somehow.  Luckily, they didn't have nearly 50 years of living under their belts to pack.

Once the majority of stuff was moved, The Husband headed off to greener pastures while I stayed beyond to unpack and "organize."  Whereupon, I was promptly informed by Man-Child that I had packed most of his roommates belongings...OOPS.

At any rate, by that Sunday afternoon, I pretty much had him squared away.  Sure he needs a few things, but mainly his apartment is livable.

All that to say that The Husband and Man-Child are both headed to Asheville this weekend to help The Husband's daughter move.  Do I feel a small twinge of guilt about not assisting?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  But on the other hand, I spent an entire weekend just moving one child.  Not to mention all the things I want need to get done around here on the first rain free (hopefully, at this point I don't trust the forecasts AT ALL!) weekend in memory.

On the list?

Top to bottom cleaning of the house

Laundry, of course - because laundry is never ending

Weeding the flower beds and putting out Preen, in hopes of stalling any spring weeds

Maybe making a dent on the garage? (this is doubtful because it SO daunting - maybe I should just make plans to re-schedule the Habitat for Humanity pick up?)

Painting the bathroom baseboards


Maybe I will just sit on the couch and read...

Either way it will be quiet and no one will be asking anything of me...I hope.


  1. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for no rain as well. These last couple of days without it have been heavenly and such a mood lifter!!!

  2. We'll be hiking today and hopefully getting a nice view from the top of Oyster Dome, one of our favorite trails. I wouldn't be willing to do two weekends in a row of moving, either! :-)

  3. I think you deserve this weekend off from packing. This made me think of packing in college. My older sis was across the street at Notre Dame and I drove our big red 76 Chevy Impala station wagon over to her dorm from St. Mary's. Plan was to put our stuff in a shared storage unit. Someone had too much fun the night before and had packed nothing! Fearing we would run out of time before the storage place closed- we opted to only make one trip. It wasn't pretty. I yanked Christmas lights down from her ceiling and tied stuff to the roof on the car. Wait, who was the younger clueless sis?! That's right, me. Ha. Enjoy your busy/free weekend alone and hopefully with no rain.