May 18, 2019

Today's News Report

We all know what happens when the guys are out of town - either a LOT gets done or a lot of nothing gets done.  Today a LOT got done; so much so that I'm thinking tomorrow will just be a sit back and chill day.  We shall see.

We all also know that when the guys are away, the odds that I will have two, consecutive posts are much higher.  What with no one here to interrupt talk to me or ask me to find whatever it is that is always right under their nose...  Surely, I'm not the only one whose family does this.  It's literally right there!  But they can't see it.  *sigh*

I have been hankering for a portable garment steamer for a while now; so today I bought one.  We shall see whether it stays or goes back.  The idea of releasing wrinkles from clothing without having to haul out the ironing board, etc. makes me happy but only if it does what it claims.  I have a feeling though that the holiday napkins will only look right with a proper ironing.  But maybe, just maybe, this might be the answer to the "ironing a tablecloth" dilemma...only time will tell.  According to the cashier at Bed Bath & Beyond, I have up to a year to decide as long as I hold on to my receipt; which means it will be Thanksgiving, most likely, before I make up my mind.

And speaking of napkins, after reading Life of a Doctor's Wife's post yesterday - which included a link to an old post from Swistle - I decided to up my game in breaking The Husband's addiction to paper towels/napkins.  While I wait for Part 2 of Suzanne's review of Reusable Paper Towels, I decided to bring in some cloth napkins - not crisp, white, holiday napkins.  But just every day napkins - that, hopefully, I will learn to live with the wrinkles -  as I certainly don't want to burden myself with ironing napkins every damn week.  So while at the BB&B, I sourced some pretty napkins - that will *sigh* have to reside on the counter where the paper towels usually sit.  I have moved the paper towels to a less convenient location.

Bright and cheery colors!

The napkin basket that will need to reside on
my counter until he is trained *sigh*

In addition, I plan to re-instate the use of dish cloths in place of paper towels.  Way back, when we were first married, we used dish cloths all the time.  My disgust with his habit of leaving a sopping wet dish cloth laying in the sink is what prompted the banishment of dish cloths.  Now, I am going to teach this old dog a new trick - wringing out the damn dish cloth.

I would also like to report that ALL the bed linens got washed today, as did the usual loads (yes, before you ask, sheets are part of the usual loads.  Blankets and duvet, not as much), up to and including the duvet.  I'm being honest here - I DESPISE washing the duvet; as putting it back on usually makes me curse and come close to angry tears; so I usually put it off.  I am happy to report that this was not an issue today.  Maybe, just maybe, I have figured out the best technique?  We shall see.

I am also anticipating that tomorrow will be an ache-y day.  Why?  Because my back porch was utterly disgusting.  So I hauled out the pressure washer that Man-Child so kindly gifted to me at Christmas.  Can I reiterate here how much I love this thing?!  Yes, it's kind of a pain to set up and tear down; but I'm finding the more I use it, the more adept I am at doing so...kinda like the stupid duvet. At any rate, I hauled it out and around to the back porch and cleaned off all the gross spindles, etc.  Note to self:  next time?  Sweep the floor first.  Guess what happens when the grossness of the spindles mixes with the pollen on the floor?  If you guessed gross, goopy mess; you would be right.  So I shall wait for the floor to dry and sweep tomorrow.  Today I just used water and while it was effective - considering that it appears this porch has never been properly cleaned, I'm thinking the next go around needs to have some sort of cleaning solution added in to the some strapping guys with muscles around to haul everything out onto the patio.

I briefly considered cleaning out The Husband's spice cabinet - before deciding that no, I really don't want him to leave me.

*sigh* all the crap on the counter!
And seriously, who needs this many spices?!

Despite the fact that is wasted, in my opinion, valuable storage - I closed those doors and turned my sights to the "Tupperware" cabinet (let's not even get into the fact that there is no actual Tupperware in there).  From there I weeded out all the items that had no lids...and the random lids that had no mates.  I also unearthed a few of Man-Child's things - if he doesn't take them to his apartment tomorrow they are headed for Goodwill.

Speaking of Goodwill, I also filled up two banker's boxes full of stuff which is destined to land there tomorrow morning.  There *might* be a few kitchen items that The Husband will never miss included...yes, I'm looking at you tortilla warmer that's never, ever been used.

So tell me; why am I so much more productive when it's just me, myself and I?  Probably because I have no one here to question what I am doing or why I am doing it.

And before I forget...Man-Child and I actually got a half decent picture for Mother's Day...

I love this kiddo so much!

Now?  Now I'm off to pop some ibuprofen in anticipation of tomorrow.


  1. Wow, Gigi, he makes three of you! Doesn't seem right that we birthed them and then they grow like that. Congratulations on getting all that done, though, I am impressed. :-)

  2. You are so tiny! Or maybe he's just so big!Either way - great picture! Let me know how the steamer works out because I keep thinking I'm going to get one but haven't done it yet!

  3. Wow, that is a really productive few days! I am impressed. Especially about the Tupperware cupboard!

  4. I bought some great wash cloths fir the kitchen that do not get smelly. Quick drying or something. I have been very happy with them after years of dealing with smelly rags. Your son is a giant and you are a tiny little Mama. Congrats on getting SO MUCH done!

  5. Bravo to you! We always use cloth napkins for meals....and paper towels for emergencies. (dog throw up, etc) I found that not putting them in the dryer is better, less wrinkles. I just lay them flat in my laundry room and let them air dry.
    There is never a good way to organize the spice rack; this is universal.
    I have a steamer and I'm proud to say I've not used my iron in many years. Good luck!

  6. Nice photo! I can usually get a decent photo on Mother's Day ... I guilt them into it!