May 23, 2019

Can you say FIVE day weekend? And a bunch of other stuff.

The company I work for generously gives us both Friday and Monday off for Memorial Day.  Wisely, I decided to take one of my vacation days today to give myself a week of vacation.

I really want to complain - at length - about a co-worker.  But, I can't in the event someone finds this post and puts the pieces together.  So I won't.  Just know this - this person is incompetent and in over their head; it's only a matter of time before something explodes.

I know, if it were me, I would not want to be in that position - and no matter what they were paying me would not be enough to keep me in a job where I knew I was failing.

So, having gotten that much out, I can move on to other subjects.

Of which I have none.  Oh, wait!  Yes, I do.

At any rate, I am headed into a five day weekend and hoping to get some more things done around here.  I would love to get Man-Child here to finish weeding through the detritus in his old room and to take everything else away.  He is dragging his feet on this process.  I think what he would prefer is that we keep everything here - this is not going to happen - it will all go, one way or another.

Remember the front door debacle?  Yes, the one that has been going on for almost a year now - this morning found me down at the local building supply company (which is only open during the week - WHY?!  People like me NEED you to be open on weekends!  At the very least, on Saturdays).  While they don't install doors, they can give me a recommendation.  They will also come and measure - now, if I order the door from them I know I will pay way more than I want.  But I also know that if they measure and order and the door doesn't fit, they will have to eat that cost.  The Husband kind of balked at the price but he also agreed that he doesn't really trust the other big box store to get it right either.  So The Husband and I are currently in "negotiations" mainly because we don't need a new door (in his opinion); and theoretically. he's correct.  But, in my opinion, we do need a new door because our living room is a black, depressing hole - and who wants to live like that?  Not me.

After having lunch with The Husband - a treat on a weekday, as we work too far apart for this to occur on a regular basis - he asked what I had planned for the afternoon.  Considering that the day, up to then, had been mild and cloudy I reckoned that I would attack the weeds in the juniper - to be honest this juniper vexes me almost as much as that damned blackberry bush, which I am still fighting but (knock wood) that I seem to be slowly conquering (as long as I stay on top of it).

We actually have two beds (maybe three, but that side of the yard barely registers on my To Do list as it gets very little sun and isn't that visible) of juniper.  One is up against the house - along with some random plants - and this particular bed doesn't bother me as much as the one on the slope near the road.  Why?  Because this bed - which quite possibly also has snakes and other vermin lurking underneath, doesn't require me to wade into it much.  For the most part, I can deal with the weeds from the sidewalk.

And the bed down near the road?  It would require me to wade ALL the way into it.  And The Husband had informed me that he had actually witnessed a snake sliding into it.  So, despite the fact that the bed on that slope desperately needed weeding, I just couldn't make myself go there; despite my heavy, rubber rain boots.  So, I attacked the "easier" bed.  What I wasn't anticipating?

That the clouds would part and that the humidity would rise.  And that there were more weeds in that bed than I initially thought.  *sigh*

While in the middle of this task, The Husband came home from work and realized that I was afraid of that other bed and very thoughtfully arranged for someone to come in to deal with the bed down by the road next week.  He had promised to do it for me but has somehow pinched a nerve in his back and is pretty much down for the count for any heavy labor at the moment.

So all I have to do now is close my eyes when looking at that stupid bed for the next week.  I truly wish I knew someone with a backhoe because I would bribe them to come over and rip out all of that juniper.

Considering it's supposed to get hot and sunny this weekend, I'm thinking I'm done with weeding for this weekend.

I know there was something else I wanted to mention...*thinking*  *hmmm, nothing ringing a bell...*


Have you heard of Erase Your Face?  Basically, it's a cleansing cloth that removes your makeup with only water and are chemical free (they say - apparently, it has something to do with the the amount of fibers) and is completely reusable.  I've been hearing about these for a while and have been skeptical.  But I ran across them at Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago.  Seeing as they were only around ten dollars, I figured I'd give them a try.

Surprisingly, they work!  Now, I do have to say, with mascara (not waterproof) you have to REALLY rub your eyes - and being a woman of a certain age this is NOT something I want to do.  So generally, I use cold cream to gently remove the mascara and then use the cloth.

So, how do I know they work?  My litmus test...

White towels.

Whenever I dry my face after using the cloth - the towels remain white.  When I use my normal face wash inevitably a bit of makeup residue would transfer to the white towels - which honestly?  Would irritate me to no end.  I bought a product to remove makeup; but yet the product didn't remove ALL the makeup - and?  Nine times out of ten I had to use cold cream anyway.

If you've been wondering about this product, try it and let me know what you think.

Usual disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post.  I bought it, tried it and liked it.


In the latest edition, What is Blooming in Gigi's Yard Now - this week we find Asiatic Lilies!

So very pretty.  Sadly, they are pretty short lived - kind of like that peony.  Next up are the day lilies.  Which, to be honest, I'm kinda MEH about.  Sure, they look great for a hot second and then they are scraggly.  And, they really need to be divided - but I'm thinking I'd rather remove them and replace with another perennial (because let's be honest, I am NOT going to baby annuals), flowering something.  Any ideas?

Now, to paraphrase my last sign to pop some ibuprofen, in anticipation of the sore muscles tomorrow from all that weeding. 


  1. I understand not wanting to get "in the weeds" with that bed. Good for The Husband for taking care of it for you. And I do hope that incompetent worker gets the message before something blows up in his/her face. :-)

  2. We have several juniper beds and I'm also not a big fan. But, they serve a purpose....the snakes need a place to live. ;)
    I have the Erase the Face clothes, I do like them. I always use a little bit of face wash with them though....I still don't trust just water to my aging face.

  3. I wish I could help you with the plant suggestions, but I am not the one to ask. I recently had Lad dig out this scraggly, evergreen ground cover and now I hope to plant something there, but I have no idea what I should plant. Not my specialty. Nor is makeup removing wipes. It is supposed to rain here most of the weekend, so no clue how I will plant anything. Eddie's grad party is about 2 weeks away. Our yard looks horrible!

  4. You need to get that front door. Amen.