May 17, 2019

Life lately

Oh hey! Hi!  Yes, it has been about three weeks since my last post - why are you surprised?  Life has a way of intruding.

And by "life" I mean nothing worth sharing.  Wait...I take that back.  Surely, there were some blog worthy moments/events/thoughts - but just too much of it all at once with not enough time to stop and record my thoughts and reactions.

So this post?  This post will live up to the blog's name - random, at its finest (or boring-est - you decide).

Spring has sprung!  Well, kinda.  The past few mornings have been WAY more chilly than they should have been; so much so that I may have had to use the heater in my car in the mornings; but yet I'm hearing that this weekend we will skyrocket up to 90 degrees; it's way too early for that nonsense.

But things are blooming!  Which means there is much eye-watering, sneezing, etc. happening.  Speaking of blooms, I happened to snap this photo a few weeks ago and shared it to my neglected, fairly unused Instagram account.

My peony in action!

As the blooms started to drop almost immediately afterward, I lamented to The Husband that it is such a shame that these blooms are so short lived.  He told me to take a picture and have it framed.  At first, I scoffed - because what with my mad, photography "skills" - hah!  But on a whim, I uploaded the photo to CVS and began to play with it.  I made a few minor tweaks with their editing tools and ended up with this...

A frame-worthy shot that will now remind me daily of just how much I love my peony while it's in bloom.  And look at that - who would have thunk that *I* could have a piece of "art" in my home that *I* inexplicably created?  I love it and smile every time I see it.

In other news, about a week or so ago; in a fit of frustration I threw some of my house plants out on the back porch because they were looking so bleak from the lack of sun; despite the fact that the nights were probably still too cold for them.  Only to be rewarded with this...

Those ceramic mushroom things?  Absolutely love them!
I keep them in the pots because they will shatter over the winter
if I leave them in the ground.

Yes, I know.  That IS the saddest looking shamrock that has ever lived.  BUT, two weeks ago there was only one, half dead stalk.  I just *knew* the darn thing was done for...but no, apparently there is still some life in there somewhere.  If it follows last year's pattern then by the end of summer this pot will be overflowing with shamrocks and white flowers.  I don't know if it would survive being left out during the winter, so I bring it in and watch it wilt away to nothing.  Maybe this year I'll take a chance and see what happens if it's left out.  And will feel completely guilty if it dies - because a friend of mine gave me this plant and every time I look at it, I think of her...even when it's at it's worst.

And in even more other news, the guys headed out this afternoon for a boy's fishing weekend; there was also talk of cigars and bourbon; which I am going to pretend I didn't hear.  We all know how much I appreciate a quiet weekend alone; but I will be ready for them to come home on Sunday I'm sure.  Stuff will either get done or it won't - that's usually the case - either a lot gets done or lots of nothing will be done; so we shall see. 

In an effort to show you just how quiet office life has been; (oh sure, we had our moments this week, but for the most part it's been dead.) today I decided to wade into my personal email and weed out things.  I wasn't quite brave enough to hit the Mass Delete button so I  would select all the emails on the first page and scroll through to see if there was anything I needed to keep; and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat through nearly 2,000 emails!  Needless to say, this "project" kept me busy for a couple of hours.  Want to know how many I kept?  About three!  Which I promptly filed away in their relevant folders.  Then I repeated the process with my blog email.  Until I got to the "promotions" and "social" folders (these emails don't pop up in my inbox) - with those I hit the Mass Delete button.  And just like *snaps fingers* that all those emails are gone.  Can I tell you how fabulous it feels to have zero emails in those inboxes (until tomorrow)?  It's amazing!  I did try to unsubscribe from repeat offenders as I went through the process; whatever I missed this time around, I will try to get as they come in.

As you can see, the effort to cut clutter is everywhere.  Next up?  The kitchen counter which The Husband has once again taken over. *sigh*


  1. I love your beautiful peony art creation, Gigi. And that little shamrock plant? I hope it continues to "thrive" with those ceramic mushroomy things egging it on. :-)

  2. I love your peony and I really love that you DID take a photo and frame it. Very sweet! I took a walk around the culdesac while I was babysitting and since we pull into the driveway at the side of our house, I often don't see the front of the house. I was DISGUSTED by the horrid looking landscaping. It made me want to say, 'Eww, who lives here?' But it is us a busy family that has enough going on inside the house that the outside doesn't get attention. Just another reminder why the neighbors are not huge fans of ours. With Ed's grad party in a few weeks, I am hoping to rectify the situation as best I can. But it MUST first stop raining! Glad you cleared out some clutter. I am super jealous!