July 4, 2019

Living with other people - part two...

So you remember the notebook that I posted about only two days ago?

The notebook that I use to keep score when Man-Child and I play cards or Scrabble.  The notebook I use for various games (Boggle, mainly) from the newspaper (yes, I still get a paper - don't look at me like that!  I'm personally trying to keep the industry from dying).  The notebook I use for various lists, reminders, etc. (I know I could use my phone for lists, etc. but I have found, for me, I prefer a handwritten list, don't ask me why, I don't know.).

I went looking for it this morning only to discover it was GONE.

Notebook - MIA

The Husband wasn't home for me to give him the third degree, unfortunately.  As I stewed over the lost notebook it dawned on me what must have happened. 

The Husband is a facilities person for several buildings and about every three months or so, he either gets up extra early or stays up extra late to run "light checks" to make sure all the outdoor lights are working at the various buildings and makes a note on the ones that need attention.

He ran a light check the day after I brought that notebook home; so it appears he absconded with the notebook without even noticing the strongly worded note on the front!  How?!  And, it's a new record.  A new notebook gone in under twenty-four hours.

When I asked him about it this evening, he admitted he took it.  And looked puzzled when I asked if he had noticed the note - he had not.  *sigh*

Why he took this notebook is a mystery - especially as we shared a car for the majority of  last week while mine was in the shop - I noticed that he had the last notebook I had brought home was in his car!

So my plan is reclaim my notebook and hide the darn thing.  Apparently, that's the only way I'll be able to keep one on hand.


  1. Hilarious! I cannot believe it disappeared so fast.

    BTW- we subscribe to the newspaper and I constantly write lists. My trick (I guess, I didn't realize it was a trick)- I have my own notebook that only I use. I keep my daily lists in it. Shove receipts and impotant papers in it. My current notebook has a fabric cover with a zipper pouch. It is distinctive and undeniably mine. No one dares touch it and everyone cringes when I can't find it. 'Did I leave it in your car? Has anyone seen it?' I lost a few over the years at a hotel once and in a grocery cart once. Otherwise I have my collection. (My initial notebooks were just spirals). And it is fun to look back at various dates and see what was on my 'to do list' back then.

  2. I hope you get ahold of it and keep it from further pilfering by your hubby! I like the idea of a fabric cover like Ernie does. :-)

  3. Uggghhh having issues leaving comments today. Round 3.
    Remember when you needed to use a gas station restroom and they gave you a key with a big piece of wood or a tennis ball attached so the key didn’t disappear? Just a thought. 😉