July 2, 2019

Living with other people...

Living with other people means I find myself writing things like this on a random notepad...

The blog is the reason that I have to take such random pictures. 
In the event you can't read it, the text reads "This notepad is not to leave this
house under any circumstance. Love, Mom"

The names have been blocked out to protect the guilty.  The guilty, you may wonder, are both The Husband and Man-Child.  Why they are guilty, you may wonder, is because EVERY. SINGLE. notepad that I have brought home has disappeared; due to one or the other needing a sheet of paper - yes, you read that right; A SINGLE SHEET OF PAPER - so they decided that the entire notebook was needed, so they would take it and run.  Leaving me to scramble whenever *I* might need a single sheet of paper.

In sum, they seem to think that it is perfectly acceptable to abscond with household notebooks.  At this point, I'm ready to raid both of their cars and rescue the "hostages" that I've witnessed languishing in their automotive prisons.  The prisons where they have been ignored; once their initial usefulness expired.


  1. Ha! I am not above leaving notes to family members who wish to remain nameless or who will basically not admit fault. Notes about various things I want claimed or cleaned up. I cannot say anyone takes notepads.

    As I sit hiding in the bathroom in my Vancouver hotel deleting silly blog pictures and pictures of kids I sit for off my google photos to free up space. Cannot sleep. Curly dances in Nationals tomorrow. I have more pics of nonsense/other peoples' kids than I do my own.

  2. My hubby is the one who has all the notebooks and sticky notes around the house. But then again, I never seem to need to write anything down these days, it's all on my phone! :-)

  3. Hahaha! My notepads and date book are OFF LIMITS to the rest of the house!

  4. Sometimes only a sternly worded note from Mom will do the trick! I hope you are able to keep this notepad right where you want it!

  5. That’s so funny! I never would have guessed that your notepads were being kidnapped! I used to lose my marbles when the tape or scissors walked away from their storage spot.