July 14, 2019

*wipes the construction dust off the computer*

Since I last called you all here together, you may have noticed a few changes.

I have just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to update/clean things up around here.  I should warn you - there may be a few more changes in the works as I'm not completely satisfied with this update...for the most part I like it, but it still needs a few tweaks here and there.  And since I am in this on my own (i.e., I'm figuring it out as I go) there may be a few hiccups.  Hiccups, which I hope, you will alert me to - broken links, etc.

On the back end, it looks pretty much the same to me.  But on the front end - your end - I think the changes are a bit more pronounced.

I have changed the template to a more simple, streamlined look.  I'm in the process of updating all labels so that you should be able to click on a link over there to the right under "the for now" working title of All the Categories Right at Your Fingertips and find all relevant posts in one spot.

After being a true empty-nester for how long now (?!) - I have finally updated the profile info - and you can see that one does not just regain ones sanity once the baby bird leaves the nest...apparently.  Eventually, I hope to get around to changing the profile picture...hopefully.

I opted for black text with a white background because, at least for me, that is easier on the eyes.  (At least, to me it appears black - but when I preview the post, it appears gray.  Hmmm.  What say you?)  I've also opted for a larger font - which will, hopefully, make it easier for everyone. 

Surprisingly, the hardest thing to accomplish was changing the favicon way up there at the top...despite the fact that I did a whole post on how to accomplish this task.  Feel free to follow that post if you like, if you are attempting to create one - but for me it did not work this go round for whatever unknown reason.  This time I created the icon in Powerpoint, saved it as a jpg file, uploaded it to Pixlr.com and was able to edit it to 16 x 16 and was finally able to upload the icon.  It took me days people, days, to get that to work...so frustrating.  The kicker?  I know (fingers crossed) that it shows on your end but on the back end?  Not working.  I'm trying to ignore that fact.

So, poke around, see what's working and what isn't and report back any and all findings and opinions, please.  In the meantime, I'll be over here playing behind the scenes.


  1. I think it looks great! I'm gonna say gray or light black font? :) LOL!!
    I don't remember what it looked like before, but it is easy for me to read.
    I used to change my blog layout/header at least once a year, but for the life of me, I don't remember how to do it, so I'm gonna stay put. I don't even know what a favicon is....dessert? :)

  2. It looks like the font is a dark grey from here. And I cannot see the favicon, but then again, I'm not sure what I'm looking for. For me, the blog is too wide and I now have to scroll over to the right to see the right side, but it's quite lovely otherwise. I like the light background very much and the font is just right. :-)

  3. Looks good. I did comment on one of your posts - or maybe it was in response to one of your comments on my blog - that your post about baking had no paragraphs, just the title. The only other thing I notice is that when you write in italics in parenthesis the font is REALLY tiny. Not sure if you can tell that. Otherwise it looks good. I struggled forever to line up my word 'feat' crossed out with a sketched word 'feet' on my blog. The blog really only wanted me to use typed print not funky little drawings.

  4. Using my Chrome browser, the entire site looks great, but is still quite wide. I have to scroll over to the right even to read the comments. But it's quite lovely otherwise. I see you darkened the font a little. Looks fine! :-)

  5. I like it! I think it looks great, both mobile and on my phone.

  6. *on my COMPUTER, I meant. Mobile and computer :)