January 24, 2020

Brides to be - I'm warning you...


And here's the why behind that statement...

The Husband and I celebrated our 29th anniversary the other day...oh wait!  No, we didn't.

The picture that seems to be the only one I ever use when
I talk about our anniversary.
Good night, we were SO, SO young! Wha happen?!

At any rate, last night we were talking about my co-worker friend's birthday and how her family doesn't really "do" celebrations and that's why I make a big deal out of her birthday (which was today).

In the middle of the conversation The Husband stopped cold, looked at me horror stricken and whispered, "Did we forget OUR anniversary?!"

And, dammit!  Yes, we did!  He was worried that he alone had forgotten - but no.  I had also forgotten.  I remember making a mental note about it in early January.  But, apparently, that mental note got stuck in a pocket somewhere, now covered in lint and was hanging out with other random bits of paper; totally forgotten.  So here we were, four days after the actual event, looking at each other in disbelief.

Now, to be fair - on our actual anniversary we were dealing with The Husband's car which had broken down and had to sit in the parking lot at Home Depot until the dealership opened the next day.  What a way to celebrate...

So here's something to consider if you are planning a wedding...don't get married in January.  I am warning you! 

After Christmas is just NOT the time to remember an anniversary (search this blog and see how many times I've forgotten about our anniversary if you need proof).  After having kids, being married forever and dealing with hoopla that is Christmas, in January you are just too wiped out to think about things like celebrating an anniversary.

Next year is a big one though - someone remind me on...oh, let's say January 16th.  Because it simply won't do to forget the 30th!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I thought you were going to warn us about a snow or ice storm that kept you from going out to dinner. Bah ha! You both legitimately forgot - wow! My sister got married in South Bend, IN the end of January. Um, snowstorm cancelled a bunch of flights and many guests could not make it. Bummer. Her husband is from Philadelphia so it was mostly his side of the family that was impacted. Still - stinky.

    I hope you get to celebrate this weekend. And I hope the car does not cause anymore trouble anytime soon.

  2. Now that's funny! I'm glad you both forgot so nobody is left feeling bad about it. And also, congratulations on 29 years of wedded bliss! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine forgetting our anniversary! At least it was both of you, and not just one. Happy belated!

  4. We got married in March and wouldn't you know it - our first child was born on our second anniversary! So it's not like I can FORGET our anniversary - it's M's birthday! - but it is very overshadowed!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Ours is in August. Literally the day after Bonus Son's birthday. And since this year he'll be 26, and that same week we'll be moving TWO boys into college, I'm thinking we won't be celebrating much of anything. :)

  6. Gigi,
    So my parents got married on January 3, which was the day after Mom's birthday on the 2nd, which is the day after New Year's. That was not hard to remember. David and I got married on Valentine's Day so we could remember as well. It has its pros and cons. Anyway, it's now 2021 and I guess you have a 30th anniversary coming up. I hope it's memorable! Mona