January 11, 2020

Clearly, by now, we know each other pretty well...

As evident by my lack of presence lately, that means I've gotten back into the swing of things after the holidays. *sigh*

At any rate, if you recall this post, then you won't be surprised by the following.

Earlier this afternoon, The Husband went out - he said he was going to Tractor Supply to pick up Super Glue to fix that that window thingy, but we all know this is code for "after that I might as well stop by the grocery store, since it's right there, to see what I can find that my wife clearly thinks we don't need; but we DO!"

(Author's note...we don't)

When he returned, the very first thing he said was, "Don't be mad..."

Me:  "Why would I be mad?"

Him (sheepishly):  "I bought some socks."

(Author's note...did he buy socks at Tractor Supply or the grocery store?  This will forever remain a mystery)

Me:  "Why?  You have PLENTY of socks."

Him:  "Yes, but some of those socks are too tight around my ankles and I don't like them."

Me:  "That's legitimate.  But how about this...instead of putting those socks you don't like BACK in the drawer, why don't you just toss them?  And while you are at it, toss the underwear you don't like either - I'm going to buy you some new ones."

Him:  "Oh good!  I need new underwear.  But buy me cotton ones - I don't like those polyester, stretchy ones."

(Author's note...those polyester, stretchy ones are the precise ones that he "covertly" brought into the house last April - see previous link up there.  I *always* buy him cotton underwear, because honestly, who wouldn't?!)

Me:  "Oh, like the three pair in your drawer that you never wear?"

Him:  "HOW did you know that?!"

Me:  "I know everything.."

(Author's note...of course I do - I wash the clothes and put them away; I'm bound to notice - sooner or later - what gets worn and what doesn't)

And this is what happens when you've been married almost twenty-nine years...


  1. Hilarious - I was organizing all of the kids' clothes that they have outgrown and need to be donated. No joke the pile was like a mountain in the corner of my room. Of course I didn't get the project done in one sitting, so when I came back - there was a shirt NEW WITH TAGS. Size XL. Laddie and Coach wear that size. Coach admitted that he tossed the shirt in the good will pile. I was baffled. I bought it for him last year or the year before that for Christmas. Why not give it to me to return BACK THEN? All I got in response was a shrug. It was a Tommy Bahama shirt that looked like a denim shirt, and Lad took it back to college with him. Men?!

  2. You don’t have to respond to me if you don’t want to. I never expect a response anyway. I just want you to know I read and appreciated your post! :-)

  3. He's hilarious with the socks and underwear. I'm glad he keeps this up....surely it's just to entertain you. ;)

  4. It's like you live in my house. Seriously.

    Which reminds me... I have to box up socks and underwear to send to Oldest at school. Honestly, it was 26 degrees when he left. He forgot his jacket, winter hat, and only brought 3 pairs of socks and undies. Who does that???


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