January 3, 2020

Hello 2020!!

I know, I know, I know! 

I am the first one to always say I don't "do" resolutions.

But here's the truth...without making an actual LIST, I always have a bunch of resolutions in my back pocket.  And in recent years, the main one has been to get it together already.

It bugs me to no end that way back when, I seemed to have it together but recently?  Not so much.

So for the past several years, without fail, I buy myself a new planner with the intent on actually getting it together...because I KNOW that written lists keep me focused (kind of).  Except every year I seem to forget about the planner a few weeks in.

Can I say that this year was no exception.  Except this time, I remembered my planner in November and began planning obsessively for Christmas and was doing great (except for the days when I was so ill).  So, when I bought my planner for 2020 I had REALLY high hopes.

Can you guess how many times I've actually used the planner - THREE days in?

If you guessed one - you would be correct. 

Today I VOWED to rectify the situation to organize this weekend to get stuff done...

Guess where that damned planner is?  At the office.  I guess it's back to scraps of paper littering my pockets then...for now.

*Yes, I foolishly think that next week will be the week I turn it around...somehow.*


*maybe this IS the year!*


  1. Oh man. Just when you are all set and ready to dive in and revamp your system. I am all about my to-do lists. I carry around a notebook that has a fabric cover with a zipper pouch. A planner would not work for me because I don't like to be confined to little boxes limiting what can be written on each date. Anyway- good luck getting that planner to work for you . . . once you bring it home from work.

  2. You manage to accomplish a great deal, even with the planner not working so well. I don't do lists, but I don't know how I would get by without the calendar on my phone to remind me of my appointments. :-)

  3. I have high hopes that you are going to get it together already!! ;)

  4. I have the ability to have everyone think I have it all in order.

    I send *New Year's Cards* because I will NEVER be able to get Christmas cards out on time, and I work at the Post Office. Besides, I know for a fact that MY new years cards stay on the mantel FAR LONGER than the Christmas cards of people we never see, so it makes me feel like it's not a waste of time.

    I hung a note up 3 days ago that everyone needed to clean their disgusting rooms by Saturday night or else I'd do it for them o Sunday. They cleaned, I gave them all donation bags, and I'm sitting here on the blogs. :)

    Hubs and I are supposed to get paint chips for the impending condo (fingers crossed) before I have to get Youngest at the gym because it's on the way, and yet, he sits here watching ANOTHER GOT episode.

    Truth is, no matter how well planned we are, there's life that gets in the way. You just have to roll with it. The other truth is, I am totally jealous of your planner. I live on sticky notes.