February 15, 2020

One of my life's "minor annoyances" - solved

What is the witchcraft behind doing your nails to perfection one day; only to break one the very next day?  It's the story of my life - said as I sit here with nine nails manicured and perfect and that ONE raggedy nail nagging me. 

And, obviously, none of the above is why I am here "talking" to you today.  I just wanted you to know about my suffering.


After four years of being annoyed by a door that was out of alignment on a hutch, today was the day I decided to deal with it. 

Yes, I noticed that door was out of alignment soon after we moved here FOUR YEARS AGO but after all the moving, unpacking, arranging, etc., I was NOT about to take everything out of the hutch just to fix a "minor annoyance."

Well, over the years that "minor annoyance" grew and grew, until today when I said, "ENOUGH!"

While I was removing everything from said piece, I also sorted out what we absolutely did not need or use and set it aside for a trip to Goodwill.  To be honest, it was shocking to see what was actually residing IN that cabinet that we had never, ever actually used and I'd forgotten about.  What was equally shocking, what went back INTO the cabinet that we rarely use but I'm not quite ready to part with yet.  Do I really NEED or use those wedding day champagne flutes?  No.  But, our wedding day flutes! (Says the woman who completely and totally forgot about her own anniversary...) That fancy china that must be hand washed and rarely sees the light of day - but occasionally comes in handy?  Stays.  Why I kept the matching cups and saucers is beyond my comprehension - those have NEVER been used.  But I didn't want to break up the collection?  Yes, I confuse myself.

The Husband, of course, was shocked to walk in to the kitchen to find glassware EVERYWHERE.  I explained the purpose behind the chaos - turns out he never even noticed the "minor annoyance" that has slowly been driving me insane for the past four years. Figures, doesn't it?

Now, theoretically, the fix to the door alignment is to spin the levelers (is that what they are called?  The little spinner things on the bottom of the legs?) until everything levels out.  It should be noted that The Husband scoffed this plan - he did not think this was the fix. *shaking my head. One of these days, he will listen to me* (Note, this will never, ever happen - but I can dream)

After removing everything and trying to spin those things we discovered this cabinet did not have them.  After some brainstorming we shoved something under the one leg and, lo and behold, those doors DID align correctly! *me, looking at The Husband with smug satisfaction. See? I DID know what I was talking about!*

Wisely, I refrained from actually gloating about this fact.  But you and I both know, I knew what I was talking about from the beginning.

Then we set about finding something less obtrusive to shove under that leg to deal with my "minor annoyance."

And here we are, four years later, and that "minor annoyance" is dealt with - and some of the stuff we don't need is gone.

Now, to figure out the "minor annoyance" of a broken nail of a fresh manicure.  Those "minor annoyances" are all a part of life as we know it, I suppose. 


  1. This is why I stopped doing my nails myself. :(
    Congrats on the hutch fix! I understand completely about something annoying YOU and not your husband. They don't have the same 'vision' that we have.

  2. Oh sorry about your nail. My hands are always a scraggly mess and I have surrendered to that truth.

    Glad you figured out the cabinet. I have been itching to comb our house inch by inch to unload stuff no one is using. I lack the time and a buddy to tackle this project so I just keep begging my peeps to identify clothes, etc. they are done with. Straightening and organizing drawers has been the best I can do. Still it feels so good!

  3. It's interesting to me how something can get more annoying as time goes by, or simply stops being an issue. Perception is everything! Sorry about your nail, I know how that can drive me crazy, too. It will grow out, though, thankfully. :-)

  4. ARGHHHHHHH I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS. I like to have my nails all the same length so when one of them breaks I file all the others down to match, which is not ideal. That just happened to me on Friday, actually!

  5. I also tend to put off something mildly annoying for so long that one day "I can't take it anymore!!!" and then the fix is usually pretty simple and I always vow to never put off something simple again. And yet, I always do!