September 26, 2020

Today's bits of random...

First of all, thank you all for your encouragement to find some way utilize that very ambitious project.  After mulling over all the possible options, I finally decided to make it into a pillow, as Juli encouraged me to do...and with that...

Is it perfect?  No, it is not.

Nope, not perfect in the slightest.  I knew going in that a standard insert wouldn't necessarily work due to the odd measurements, but I plan to order some batting to fill out the empty parts.  I also will be actively encouraging everyone not to look TOO closely as I really shouldn't be allowed access to a sewing machine...much less a needle and thread - in fact, after I hit publish, I really wouldn't be surprised if the Crafting Community Brigade didn't show up to confiscate the sewing machine.

At any rate, it is done (for now) and we plan to love it until it falls to pieces sometime in the next six months or so.  In the meantime, we shall celebrate the fact that I remembered HOW to attach the zipper foot, FOUR YEARS later, without having to resort to Google or the kind ladies at JoAnn Fabrics - and we will not discuss the fact that I did NOT remember exactly how the zipper foot worked at first and that there may have been some MORE stitch ripping before I got it kind of right - no, we shall not discuss that, AT ALL.  Because, let's be honest, this particular project has been nothing but ripping out multiple stitches.

Also, we shall not discuss the fact that I may, or may not have ordered a new, small project that may, or may not, wind up being a birthday gift for a certain person two doors down...if I don't mess that one up too badly.  I *think* I have the orientation of this project right; so there's that.

(We shall not discuss the fact that I've already had to rip out some stitches just one day in.  I'm beginning to think needle work may not be my forte, y'all)

Moving on...

I had a virtual lunch date with my co-worker (friend) on Monday.  The Husband was scandalized.  "You'll be eating together ON the computer?!" (Please explain to me HOW this is different than sitting across the table from her? 😕).  

We actually didn't "eat" together, but instead spent our lunch hour chatting - it was SO nice just to SEE her face.  I love her dearly but...and I'm trying really hard not to judge...during our "lunch" she mentioned that they've been out to eat - many times, she took her mom to a local restaurant to eat and that she has visited her daughter at college and took the daughter and her room mate out to eat (all inside) and that she has been to many (completely unnecessary) places because she can't "just stay home because she would go crazy!"  But then she added, "It's not like we are hanging around strangers though."  Ummmm?  Then she ended the conversation with, "Let me know when you are ready to meet up for lunch out."

Ummm...maybe when COVID is gone?

I get it, technically, we can go out to eat.  Technically, we can go to Home Goods, Marshall's, Macy's, etc.  Technically, we are allowed to do that in this state.

I also get that staying home is hard.  Not seeing the people we love is hard.  But for me?  For us?

We are staying home as much as humanly possible.  My immune system is compromised (thanks psoriasis - which, can we all agree, is THE most inane way to be compromised), The Husband has several underlying issues that could really be serious if he were to become ill with this disease.  

So, no.  We are staying home.

On to a different topic...

I recently ordered, read, and adored What Unites Us by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner.  Y'all...I loved it.  I cried over it.  I laughed over it.

I remember watching Dan Rather since I was tiny.  He has been a part of my entire childhood and most of my adulthood.  And a fellow Houstonian - so you kind of people.

This book is a reflection on patriotism and what it means.  This book isn't my usual pick but something compelled me to pick it up (and, immediately ordered another for different birthday that is coming up) and it was worth it.  

In this narrative, he reminds us of all the good that is still out there - despite the horrors that are currently exploding onto our televisions and news feeds.  

So, if the current news cycle is depressing - read this book.  Really, it should be required reading in every high school, in my opinion.  It gave me a glimmer of hope for the future.


  1. I am on the tail end of reading Peter Strzok's book, Compromised, which is fascinating reading. And then I'm off to a novel, the latest by Jodi Picoult. That should be much easier reading. Oh, and I love how well your pretty pillow turned out. You're more talented than you let on. :-)

  2. First... I LOVE THE PILLOW! Better for it to have use than to be shoved in a drawer. :) Covid... yeah... My sister has started the hybrid teaching school year. One week in and 2 of her students have tested positive. And what does she see on the remote learning days? One of the parents of a covid + student assisting a non covid + student in her home. So yeah, no one is properly quarantining, and by thanksgiving her whole class will have had it I'm sure.
    What does that mean? Basically we can't do family dinner, or perhaps celebrate birthdays etc. because her students families can't stay responsible and safe. Because the last thing my parents need is to get sick. *sigh* Yes, we have eaten out quite a bit. If we get forced inside (weather, etc.) we go when it's not crowded. But we are also in a state with a .8% positive rate. (yes, less than 1% even with school open)

    But I also get the stir crazy part. Booking the trip to the island on Friday. Gonna put the boys up in a different hotel, that way we all get what we need (time away, and time away from each other) but a "family" trip nonetheless. But here's the thing, I'm not actually leaving the state, so no quarantining and no hassle. Where there's a will, there's a SAFE way. No?

  3. Your pillow is adorable and no one is going to judge your sewing skills. Especially ME!
    The book sounds great; I'll keep my eye out for it.

  4. Technically, we can go out to eat here, restaurants are open, tables are distanced, servers wear masks. But I haven't done so yet. It just doesn't feel "right" and I'm not sure when it will. Certainly not as the winter closes in and outdoor dining isn't possible.

  5. I remember seeing this post, and then what? I got distracted I guess. I love the pillow. I think it looks great and I can't remember the last time someone picked up a pillow and inspected it in my presence. Curly needs a new dancing dress, and I do NOT want to buy one. Who knows if the scheduled competitions will even happen. I suggested to her yesterday that I make one. That went over like a lead balloon. Talk about needing a ripper.