February 22, 2021

Monday...the pandemic edition

 I noticed an alarm from my calendar early on Sunday evening.  It informed me that I had a dentist appointment this morning.

Well!  THAT was an exciting adventure to start my Monday!  This morning, after The Husband left for work, I began to get dressed...what?  I was GOING SOMEWHERE to see OTHER PEOPLE.

I washed my hair, did my makeup (more so than I usually do since the pandemic began), I added jewelry AND perfume...something I normally skip these days.  Yes, I still wash my hair, shower and add minimal makeup...but the jewelry and perfume usually, these days, sit on the dresser; unused.

Timing my arrival to the tee, I drove into town.  I was practically giddy...to get my teeth cleaned.

This is where we are now...I accept it.

While driving in, I wondered why I hadn't received an email, text or phone call confirming my appointment.  I swatted that worrying thought away from my brain...despite the fact that I have ALWAYS received a notification at least one business day prior to my appointment.

I pulled into a parking spot, dialed the number, and informed the receptionist that I was here for my appointment.

Whereupon, she informed me that my appointment is actually scheduled for Thursday.  🤦

Because of course it is!

Between you and me, I'm beginning to wonder about my state of mind.

So this is where I am now...


  1. Well, now you've had a trial run on getting ready. So by Thursday, you'll be able to shave a few minutes off the schedule. Besides. Lucky you. Someplace to go, twice in one week!

  2. At least you get to go somewhere twice? Hey, it's an outing! I too am like that, getting all dressed up to...go to Costco. My big outing!

  3. Oh, no. This is hilarious. I have to agree with Barbara . . . it was a good dry run. Now you are ready for Thursday. I do that sometimes, convince myself on my way to a thing that maybe I have the wrong day. Then it's a relief if I actually have it right. Enjoy your few mornings with nothing, leading up to the big appointment.

  4. You sure made me laugh. I will get my Covid shot next Tuesday! Yay! :-)

  5. Oh my! You had a practice run, right? You'll be all set for Thursday!

  6. I sent the husband with the dog to the vet on Saturday. Gave him a note and everything. He got there 20 minutes early as always.

    And called me at 9 am to tell me the appointment is NEXT Saturday.

    Honey, it's where we are ALL at right now.