February 15, 2021

My life is either really, really boring or it's NOT - apparently there is no in between.

 Isn't THAT the truth!  If you've been around here for any amount of time, you are nodding along in agreement.

About two years ago, we had a winter "event" that was pretty significant - but apparently, not significant enough to post a follow up.

So, long story short, that event took months to rectify.  Mainly, because The Husband kept insisting he could deal with it.  The pictures, as bad as they were, do not capture just HOW bad it was.

Eventually, he caved and called a company to come deal with the damage.  It was amazing how quickly they dealt with it.  It was also pretty damaging to the wallet.  Talk about un-sexy spending.

At any rate, it was a "once in a lifetime event," correct?


Friday night we plunged into the the freezing range - complete with rain/ice.  So, we weren't too terribly surprised to wake up to no power on Saturday and notice that all the trees were coated with ice.  Thick ice.

But when the tops of the pines, laden with ice, started snapping in the backyard, we started to get nervous.

The first tree to fall is in the foreground.  Those in the
back and on top of the shed came later.

And the snapping noises continued...constantly throughout the day.

Which added to the tension
every time we heard one fall

And then there was a GIANT BOOM!

This tree fell mere feet from the house.

This was just how close to our bedroom.  Thank God it fell the
way it did.

This caused us to gather every single thing we might need from our bedroom/bathroom and move it to the other side of the house - where there aren't any menacing trees - because there was no way we were sleeping in there until danger had passed.

Surveying the damage

Yesterday, he asked that we create a video...which will NOT post no matter how much I beg the internet gods.

But trust me when I say, the damage that the pictures (and video that you can't see) show does not even BEGIN to relate to just HOW bad it is.

The Husband had just made the decision to fix up the shed rather than replace it - now?  Who knows.  From where we stand, we can't see any major damage.  That shed must have some kind of magic spell saving it - with all the trees from the last event and this one and the darn thing is STILL standing.

When we were out there Saturday, we feared that the septic field was damaged - based on the smell.  However, yesterday when we were videoing, the smell was gone - so hopefully we were spared on that front.

Luckily the house was spared and we are safe; so we are counting our blessings.


  1. OMG That's awful! It's so fortunate that the trees fell away from your home! Please stay safe! Now's probably not the time to mention that I live in South Florida, huh.

    1. We are utterly stunned...and so very thankful. Another ice storm is headed this way tomorrow night.

  2. OMG that is terrible. Thank goodness the trees didn't fall on your home. We get cold weather, it's true, but it's never dangerous like this. I am frankly worried for my friends in Houston as well - they are not equipped for this extreme cold! It's so dangerous. Hope things improve soon.

    1. My friends in Houston are suffering (no power, no water for two days now). They don't have the equipment, clothes, etc. to deal with the cold for any length of time.

  3. I am so glad you are okay, and that you are taking precautions. This is just so scary! As if we needed anything more terrible to happen to our country. :-(

  4. Oh wow - that is so sad. And the continuous snapping of trees throughout the day sounds like a horror film. I'm glad your home was spared.

    We had a big, heavy snow a few weeks ago that damaged tons of trees. We've dealt with the issues in our yard, but when I am out driving places, there are still big trees down on the sides of the road. Snow and ice are devastating in so many ways.

    1. These pines don't stand a chance against the ice. Our next winter "event" is predicted for tomorrow night. I'm hoping it will be less eventful.

  5. Oh my goodness. That is TERRIBLE. Looks like a hurricane came through. Luckily no damage to your home, but the poor trees. That makes me sad.
    Be well and stay warm and safe.

  6. Yikes. My parents had a tree hit the corner of their house in one of the storms a few years back. Actually shattered the rafters. Dad's a contractor so it was no big deal to fix, but THANK GOD my mother had told my niece that they were having a "sleepover" in the living room, and dragged everything in there that night, or they'd been hit by falling ceiling while they slept.

    I am less concerned about trees here as I am about the ice build up in the side gutter. We finished off Youngest's room in the basement and last thing we need is for water to back up down there. Or for the gutter to fall off from the weight of the ice. :(

    Stay safe my friend.

  7. Oh my goodness!! I am hoping that today's storm doesn't bring you any further damage!

  8. No quiet moment it seems; persevere !