August 7, 2022

The Chain - a book review (Days Three and Four)

 Well, it HAS been a minute since I've done one of these hasn't it?

The Chain by Adrian McKinty is a page turner that's for sure.

Stephen King's blurb alone would have been enough to make me buy the book.

When a mother is targeted by a dangerous group of masterminds, she must commit a crime to save her kidnapped daughter—or risk losing her forever—in this "propulsive and original" award-winning thriller (Stephen King).

"You are not the first. And you will certainly not be the last."  Imagine dropping your child off at the school bus stop and then these are among the first words you hear when you answer the phone.

As a parent, reading this book you realize very quickly that, yes, you WOULD do whatever it takes to bring your child home safely.

If you are looking for a story that pulls you in and keeps you reading way past your bedtime, this might be a book for you.


Days Three and Four update:  Nothing new, of course.  Crossing our fingers that tomorrow we get a definitive answer/resolution.


  1. LOL I don't need no page turner; I need some dribble. My fingers are crossed for you.

  2. Sending you big hugs and keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Wow - that book sounds very interesting.

  4. This book sounds so intriguing, and yet I have avoided picking it up because of a) child endangerment and b) characters purposefully making bad choices is one of the fictional tropes I hate the most. Just do the right thing! (Although I get how, in this case, it would be IMPOSSIBLE, so maybe I could get through it... I don't know.)

  5. Oh no - I'm hoping this all gets resolved ASAP.
    And I am so off the reading train right now, it's starting to hurt my soul. Life just feels to scattered and I can't devote time to reading every day. Come, September, come!!!!

  6. The book sounds like a compelling read. Thanks for the review. My fingers remain crossed that something happens regarding your AC soon. Mona