April 30, 2024

Let's Talk About My Closet

This topic has been whirring around in the back of my brain for a while; so today we are going to tackle it.

I don't know about you; but my closet has been divided into two main sections since elementary school.  There was "school/work" clothes and "play/weekend" clothes. And it has continued in this pattern up until a few years ago.

A couple of years before the pandemic, our company went "casual."  Up until then I had always worked in a "business" environment; so when we switched, I was at a loss.  I couldn't wear my "business" attire because, I was told, it made me look like I wasn't a "team" player.  But clearly my "play" clothes weren't office appropriate, in my mind.

Now, according to some other co-workers clearly they were.  Enter leggings, sneakers, baseball caps and hoodies.  Not on my watch; or more accurately; not for me; not in the office

So I struggled along trying to figure out what I needed to be wearing - and not being very happy with my wardrobe.

And then the pandemic hit - and all of a sudden, the only thing I was wearing were my "play" clothes and still not feeling very happy about it.

I had way more fun in my closet when I knew the "rules" about dressing for corporate life.  I knew what was acceptable and appropriate and had fun putting together outfits.

But now?  I was in a gray area and didn't know the rules and wasn't having any fun with my clothes.

Then I stumbled across @stylethieffashion on Instagram. And she kept telling me/us to dress in a way that we wanted to; that made us happy.  To be the MOST dressed up woman in Target on any given Saturday if that's what we wanted.

And I slowly started to curate my closet to not be divided; but to be filled with things that I like and want to wear - be it school/work and/or play clothes any day of the week.

Which may be why most of you who follow me on Instagram must have been shocked when I posted a rare photo yesterday - truth be told, I won't even tell you how long it took me to figure out how to actually post a photo; with the hashtag #ilikemyoutfit.

I DO like this outfit - not my hair so much; for some reason it
is being obstinate in this photo

Erin started that hashtag with the caveat that you dress for you and you don't need to explain your choices.

That outfit is something that past me would have deemed far to dressy for play clothes but far too casual for work clothes.  But today me is asking WHY can't I wear that for both?  I can and I will.

And I am slowly beginning to have fun playing with the clothes in my closet again.  And I like it.

What about you?  Is your closet as divided as mine was? Do you have fun playing with your clothes?  Why not?


  1. It's a great outfit. And you look great in it!

  2. That is SUCH a cute outfit. You look casual but very put together, like you could walk confidently into a bunch of different scenarios.

    My closet is full of junk, I feel. I always feel like I gravitate to the same few items of clothing. But I have never been able to successfully create a capsule wardrobe of timeless things I love. I suppose I haven't tried very hard, lol.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I did a massive clean out of my closet and have been very intentional about what I've been buying and then am very intentional about what I choose to wear; because otherwise it would be the same pieces on rotation.

  3. Hear, hear! I'm onboard with the dress for yourself first idea. I am cognizant of where I'm going, the expectations, then I wear what makes sense to me, allows me to be my best. I used to have a more divided closet like yours, but since the pandemic it's all merged into one area, based on color not occasion. I like your outfit, btw, and will admit I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your photo on IG.

  4. I think the pandemic is what did my closet in completely. I was wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts; not that there is anything wrong with it; but I didn't love it. I'm trying to choose things I love to wear now. I bet you were surprised when that photo pop up and I bet you thought "But she NEVER posts anything!"

  5. My closet is divided mostly into long sleeves and short sleeves. I also have an area for hanging things like dresses and one area for dressy dresses and pants. The closet is a big walk in version that I can't really walk into because of STUFF, so the dressy clothes are kept in a hard to reach area. ;)

    I love to get a little dressy. It makes me feel put together and organized. I basically dress in two ways: one way for my babysitting gig. Prefer pockets and things that are easy to wash and layers, because at times I get sweaty when keeping up with the littles. Who knew loading 8 kids into car seats could count as a workout. Ha.

    Then I dress mostly casual, but in clothes that are typically a step above my dress-down-babysitting apparel. When we go out, I have a hard time not being a touch fancy, because it is nice to get dressed up and feel like a grown up who has places to be.

    The outfit is super cute, and I am all for dressing the way you prefer.

  6. There's not much difference between my work and play clothes, so they're all thrown together in the closet. I'm generally slightly better dressed than the average person everywhere I go. But that's fine. Better overdressed than underdressed in my world!

  7. I love that you are now dressing for your own comfort and desires. I DO love this outfit; you look casual but not in the least sloppy, which I see quite often 'out there'.
    Well, since I've not have an 'outside of the house' job in several years, my wardrobe mostly consists of workout clothes. HA! But I do like to look put together, even if I'm going to Target.

  8. I keep my closet tidy and orderly channeling my Swiss-German genetics to make it so. I have the amount down to minimal.

  9. Ooooh YES I do like playing with my clothes! I don't really wear dress clothes much anymore but I do like dressing up. I saw your photo on IG and loved it - you look great, and I really like your curly hair!