April 19, 2011

The Difference Between *Clicks* and *Slams* and emotional satisfactio

I'm sure I've written a rant or two about technology before.....

Yes, me.  The one who is addicted to her Blackberry and her laptop....yes, the same one who would die (literally) without her *connection*.....

Yes, I "am" a bit old-fashioned that way.....

But I feel another (mini) rant coming on.

I was just reading (a book!  A real live book!  With pages and everything.  Tis a wondrous thing - you should try it) (also, this particular book *might* end up being reviewed and added to the Books I Love Enough To Tell You About tab....maybe) (and as a side note; don't you think that tab title might be *just* a tad too long? Any and all ideas are welcome, of course) and in this book there was a passage that struck me odd.

Something about a character who was standing on the sidewalk making a call.  Obviously from his cell phone (because *hello!* what is a pay phone?? Even Man-Child has never even seen one; much less used one!) - as I surmised from the way the passage was written (and really? How much do they even charge for a call these days? I have a feeling it's much more than a quarter....).  And when he finished the conversation he "slammed the phone down."


Just *how* do you "slam" a cell phone down?

You can't.

Unless you violently fling the phone to ground.

But seriously?  Are you going to fling that phone (that is quite pricey; and you didn't buy the insurance package, your subconscious reminds you.....) to the ground in utter disgust (which may, or may not, actually terminate the call anyway?).

Which brings me to my point....

Just *how* can you let the person on the other end of the line realize just how aggravated you are with them?

The best you can do is stab at the off button with an *angry* click; which, in my opinion, sounds pretty much the same as a regular click.

I'm sorry - but even an angry *click* does not convey the same sense of emotion as a *slam.*

Where is the emotional satisfaction of *slamming* the phone down and saying "So THERE! You arrogant SOB?

I've been known; a time or two (or six hundred) to do the stabbing at the off button - the feeling just isn't the same.

Just sayin'.......


  1. When I hung up on the building Manager after our conversation re: hot water tank, I slammed the phone receiver down and then picked it back up and slammed it into the phone several more times.

    Way more emotionally satisfying than clicking the "end call" button.

  2. Guess that would be called a major flub. I thought stuff like that was what editors were supposed to catch?

  3. that really made me laugh, to think of a cellphone being slammed to the ground in disgust. Major flub there in that story! But funny...

  4. OK, I think phone makers should listen you to and install a "slam" function!

  5. LOL I have done the angry stab. It is just not as satisfying as a good old fashioned slam!

    Well - you have a valid point. I have seen a few movies which the title escapes me who when at the end or even middle of the call - hit the receiver against something solid SEVERAL times and every time I see that I laugh! It's soooo funny how someone's getting their point across.
    I would say if the cell phone is TOUGH you could slam it gingerly against something - or you could just use one of those loud squeech sounding things they use at games? Or say - I'm going thru a tunnel - that may be some sort of hint hint I'm angry at you. I've had people HANG up on me - click and then fain that it must've been the phone when I have a pretty good idea that they didn't like what I was saying - I KNOW what's up with THAT??? LOL!

    Okay - all this to say I have a prize/award for you at my blog - IF I ever finish this note to you ... LOL! Oh and come and get it ...

  7. Brilliant observation! And yeah, how do you tell them? Send a follow-up text "I just slammed my phone off!!"

  8. ♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥

  9. I suppose you could hurl it at a wall but then would they actually know that you'd done that because the call would be cut off as the phone would smash...hmmm, that's bugging me now too.:) xx

  10. HA! You absolutely slay me. I simply adore reading your thought process...

    Yes, you are correct (of course). There's nothing more satisfying than the end-of-the-call phone slam.

    I am equally fond of the end-call-stab...and my rule of thumb is the double-disconnect, so that they hopefully don't hear the stream of curses I've just said about them.