April 14, 2011

Random? I think not!

The other day, Man-Child was playing with my phone (yes, even when they get big they still want to play with your stuff.  FYI) and began to go through the pictures I've taken.

After spending several minutes scrolling through (yes, he's easily amused) he declared that I take pictures of the most random things.

I fail to see what he's talking about.  I mean clearly each of these photos have meaning.

Okay, maybe not to you or him - but all of these photos represent something I was trying to remember.

They clearly represent something that I felt the need to share - with somebody.

Most of them, represent an idea I had for a post - that may (or may not) still come to fruition (some of them may have actually already made it into a post or two), some of them represent something I had to share IMMEDIATELY with my friends on Twitter, and some of them were just something I needed to share with a friend who may have been looking to buy something similar.

Random?  I think not.

But I do have to admit, if I were going through someone else's photos and saw this

without knowing the story behind it?  Then yeah; I might think it was random.


  1. Sometimes I take photos by accident! And then I'm looking at it and thinking, "What the hell is that??".

  2. I would think one of my kids got a hold of my phone and took the shot. :)

    I love that you take pictures for blog posts.

  3. Is that an external latch on a dryer? If it is, I had a friend that had to do that, too. (her dryer door was too close to her utility room door and got smacked and wouldn't stay shut)

  4. You ARE Miss Random or is that misrandom??? :) LOL!

  5. Random is often more interesting than planned :)

  6. Oh I would just think that last one was taken by mistake! I do it all the time:)

  7. What a hysterical glimpse into your life :D
    That look like the pics in my phone!

  8. You keep this up, I may just have to get a phone that takes pictures!

  9. Hmmmm, yes random. Very interesting though, especially trying to think why you were taking them. :)