April 11, 2011

My hair hates me....

Yes - this IS a post about my hair.  YES, I *do* have more important things to blog about....such as the post that posted last week and was then deleted (thank you to those who did see and responded and to those that would have responded had you seen it - I heart you all!);

Or I could post about the fact that I scheduled not one, but TWO, college visits during Man-Child's Spring Break and how that is wigging me out completely (seriously?  Who gave him permission to be this old????);

(Appalachian State and North Carolina State, if you are wondering.  Yes, there will be others that we will be looking at - as long as they have a football team that he could maybe play for someday.)

Or I could post about the negligence of the government (either side; left or right.  About now they are both ticking me off); or about world peace; or the homeless; or the shameful state that America is in right now;

Or about the fact that I have practically a whole post written in my head that needs to get put out NOW before I forget about it and I can't because Hubby has decided RIGHT THIS SECOND is the perfect time to come out here and have an idle random chat - despite the fact that I've been home - and ignored, I might add - for hours.

So anyway....here we are talking about....

Wait.  What were we talking about??

Oh yeah....my hair.

My hair hates me.  I've known this for years but have only recently acknowledged it.

I realize it can't easy to be my hair.  My hair is tortured on a near-daily basis.

It is constantly being processed, over-producted (yes, that IS a word spellcheck! And for that matter spellcheck is ALSO a word!) dyed, dried, flat-ironed, curled, yelled at and cursed....you name it and I've probably done it to my hair.

BUT to be fair my hair has done it's own little number on ME.

When I was small it was kind of straight - with just a hint of a wave in it.  And many, many cowlicks; which was totally my mother's problem as I really didn't care at that point.

As I got older it got a bit wavier - which was actually a blessing because it would more or less do what I wanted it to with minimal torture, plus it was the style - still with those cowlicks though.


Then, all of a sudden, out of NOWHERE (sometime after Man-Child was born....so this is HIS fault!) my hair decided that it wanted to be curly with the added bonus of cowlicks.

Now to be fair - I LOVE curls....on other women.  Whose hair is cut for curls.  My hair?  My hair is NOT cut for curls and hasn't been for years.

So I'm in the process of growing it out - you know, so when I do decide to rock the curls my hair doesn't resemble a giant triangle being perched on my head.

Because, despite the fact that I don't feel curls are a professional look (on me), I have come to realize that, especially in the summer, it is far easier to just let my hair "be" rather than fight it.

Truth be told?  I spend more time fighting with my hair in the mornings than I do having my coffee, reading blogs, showering, putting on my makeup, deciding what shoes to wear (which totally dictates what outfit I'm wearing - which, of course, necessitates an entire dialog in my head about what the upcoming day might bring), brushing my teeth, waking other members of the household, finding accessories to go with said outfit/shoes, and actually getting out the door, etc. all put together.

But, if I just rocked the curls, the hair could probably be done in about five to ten minutes flat.

The problem is growing it out - especially since what I am envisioning is much longer than I've had my hair in eons.

Well, let's talk (whispers) split ends.  I have many.  Which makes the hair frizzy - even after over-producting and straightening, curling, etc.  The conventional wisdom would be to cut it.  BUT, if I cut it now to remove all the split ends, and summer; with it's inevitable humidity, looming, I will have a MAJOR triangle perched on my head.  If I wait till it is longer to trim there will be even split ends, I think, because they will have become longer and more fragile.

I'm doomed, I tell you!  Doomed!

It's truly a damned if you and a damned if you don't scenario.


  1. You COULD just shave the whole thing down to the scalp and start over, right? This is a really hard decision about ow to fix it. I myself love triangle hairdos...

  2. I completely understand the love hate relationship with your hair. Mine front straight, the back curly, what the hell.

  3. Sounds like it's time for a change baby:)
    ...and why do men think it is okay to interrupt when we are getting our blog on? lol

  4. I hear you loud and clear on this one. That's why I keep mine long and in a ponytail. (the couple I have left, anyway) I don't have to look professional, I'm just a granny.

  5. May I recommend stylish hats...seven, in fact.

    I used to be disappointed with my grey hair (my first grey appeared at the tender age of 19--tell that to the Man-Child) but then realised that I could be bald like my father.

  6. I have very boring hair, I so want glamorous swishy hair but no, boring as boring can be, like the rest of me :(

  7. I have a little curl in my hair. If it's short, and cut well, it's okay. I go near my shoulders and turn into poofy head.
    I can sympathize.

  8. I hear ya sister. We want what we don't have. Me? I have very thick, course, wavy hair -- so you gotta know that I straighten it and then throw a bit of curl at the ends. :-)


  9. Good idea growing it out for the summer that way you can also clip it up on some days!!

  10. Hiya, came over from Vodkamom. Ah, yes, the hair... I've just been reflecting on this myself. Just cut all my hair off to start over and just let it be whatever it is going to be, but it's always a struggle... Not sure why.

  11. I love that you posted about your hair! See, we are kindred spirits!
    And yes, those stupid kids we gave birth to, it's all their fault!...right?...when in doubt, blame the progeny!

  12. I think we all have a love/hate relationship with our hair. Now that I have so much grey, my hair feels much dryer and coarse..you do not want to see what it looks like at this very moment.

  13. You're lucky!

    Your hates you, but it never left home.

    Mine did!

  14. Gigi, honey, had to stop in and affirm that the Mississippi River not only runs through Minnesota but it actually STARTS in it.


    Yeah. :-) Minnesota, birtplace of the Mississippi River (up in Itasca).


  15. It's okay, mine hates me too. It rarely listens to me. Unless I put overpriced creams in it. Which I refuse to do.

  16. I too get triangle hair when it gets a certain length because of frizzy and curls. Fortunately my current hair style is triangle-proof. ;)

  17. Funny, my hair went curly after son number two. It went much darker as well, then I had my first grey hair with daughter one.
    My hair is really tangly at the moment and I get really annoyed with it.
    I hope you find something to tame yours. x