July 28, 2011

The Epitome of Lazy = Teenage Boy

We all know teenage boys are the epitome of lazy but this?  This takes the cake.

Look at what I found in the backseat of my car this morning.....

A dart board.  With darts still embedded in it.  It looks a tad familiar.  Hmmm...where could that have come from?

Well, let's re-create the timeline, shall we?

Yesterday evening, after football practice, Man-Child informs me that he would like to meet up with his friends (someone please tell me how this boy had the energy to go OUT after practicing in this heat!?) at a local sports bar/restaurant place that he and friends like to hang out at and ogle women play pool.  I was fine with this - as long as he didn't hook up with some wild woman-predator come home too late.

Being the FABULOUS mother I am because I was in for the night and wouldn't be needing it anyway - I offered to lend him my car since the temperature has been hovering around 100 degrees and his air conditioner has decided to quit working (gee....do you think that the fact that the a/c has quit working has anything at all  to do with the fact that he quite recently treated his car as if he were in demolition derby?  [Speaking of which, thanks to my Twitter-peeps who so readily supplied the word "demolition" when my brain up and died earlier today!  Which reminds me, have you seen the newest study which says that Google is changing the way, and what exactly, our brains remember, which is, basically, only stuff we can't find online?  Very interesting!  And, just so you know, this is now my go-to excuse when I can't remember something as easy as the word "demolition."]).

So, off he goes, with a kiss and reminders to 1) to be home at a reasonable hour 2) not wreck my car 3) no drinking or drugs and 4) no sex.  (See?  I AM a good mother!)

Needless to say, I was quite puzzled when I went out to leave for work this morning and found this

in my backseat; because I knew that I hadn't put it there.  So I did what any modern mother would do.

I texted him from the driveway.

I figured if I didn't do it right then and there I'd forget to ask about it (much like I did when I realized my Amy Winehouse cd was missing last weekend - both guys claim they do not have it; but since it's not in my car I feel sure that one of them stole it - even if they won't admit to it).

Surprisingly, the boy actually answered my text as I was pulling into work.  I had figured it would be noon before I heard from him; as that has been his usual time to wake up so far this summer; but, apparently, today he decided to get up early and go to the morning football practice.

And finally, the reason for the title of this post....

He figured if the guys wanted to go to this other sports bar/restaurant they like to go to where they ogle women play darts he would want his own darts.  BUT he didn't feel like pulling all (what? Four, five, six; at the most) of them out.  Instead, he just took the whole damn board; because that was "easier."



  1. I'm trying to figure the rationale behind his thinking. So far, I haven't come up with anything.

  2. I'm laughing so hard right now! I think man child and Hailey were separated at birth. My darling daughter takes her work pants off after her shift, before she drives home. That way she can leave them in the car instead of carrying them in and out of the house. I'm just waiting for the day she gets pulled over and has to step out of the car, in her underwear!

  3. Ahh...teenage boys.


    I feel your pain, Gigi...I really do!
    (This so sounds like something my boy would do!)

  4. Ha! That makes TOTAL sense. Bwhahahaha.

    One day I had to move Josh's car from behind mine in the driveway and when I got in it I almost passed out from the smell. I somehow managed to back the car out of the driveway with the door open the whole time so that I would survive and took the few extra seconds (VERY brave of me) to look around at what he had in there. Turns out there was about a month's worth of lunches in the back of it and the meat and mayo sandwiches were happily turning into a science experiment.

    The boy couldn't take 2 minutes to tell me he wasn't eating the lunches I packed for him, instead he allowed me to continue to spend my precious time AND money making them and just let them rot in his car.

    Last semester we drove up to one of his baseball games and he complained that all the team was provided was bread and meat for lunch. No condiments, cheese, or anything. I reminded him of all the lunches I made him that included all those lovely sandwich toppings. He didn't appreciate the reminder. Hahahahahahaha.

    So now that I've totally taken over your blog....

  5. His reasoning makes perfect sense to me. After all, it was so much EASIER... right? This was fun but I'm glad it's you and not me. :-)

  6. Wait.. it's easier to take an entire dart board off the wall then to grab a few darts from it?

    Men are weird.

  7. Thank your son for the laugh.


  8. He, he, he...the train of thought of teenage boys really baffles me (and I WAS one, about 100 years ago).

    Really, your son could actually be my son't mentor! Scary...

  9. Lol! That is pretty lazy, but at least he had a good reason, right?

  10. The title of this post alone was enough for me, but of course I had to read what Gigi was rambling about and as usual...hilarious - especially when it's about man-child. Love it! I don't feel alone. LOL