July 1, 2011

He's still available to the first one willing to take him.....

We are a board game family.....and by that I mean Man-Child and I are board game lovers.  Hubby?  Well, apparently, he grew up in a disadvantaged family.

And by that I mean he wasn't taught the appreciation of a good board game.

One of our favorites is Scrabble.

I first taught the child to play before he was really even old enough - I think he was still learning "sight words" at the time....

My reasoning was that he would learn to spell, garner a good vocabulary and it might help with his math skills; plus it was something to do in "that" hour right before bedtime.

Some of those early games were painful.  As a small child he didn't take losing gracefully.  And I had to learn to rein in my competitiveness and try to "teach" while playing.

Over the years it has evolved into a cut-throat game.....as only Scrabble can.

As evidenced by one of my Tweets last night....

Along with the accompanying picture.  Notice that he's really concentrating....that's because I trounced him but good a few nights ago.

We were only about six moves in.  I had crappy letters, but was holding my own; I was sure that I would make a sweeping victory before the game was over.....

And then?

He pounced....

Note his glee
As you will note from the following tweets - it wasn't pretty....

As you can imagine, the game was over at that point.  There was no recovering from a blow that crushing.

Then the crowing and taunting began.....

Which was followed with him sucking up and telling me that he learned from the best - yeah, it's too late now, buddy.  I've already listed you on eBay.

The killer word?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Because although I was in total shock, I am STILL a mom and HAD to record the moment for posterity....it's like a law or something.....

Even so, if you are willing to take him and feed him - he's all yours.  Especially considering he is refusing to remove the board and "the" word.  


  1. Oh, that's cute! I love Scrabble, but our new favorite around here is Bananagrams...

  2. good for him (and good for you for taking the time to teach him this game years ago). It is my favorite game!

    I bet the competition can get fierce! That was amazing he could make that word and use all 7 letters!! WTG son!!!!


  3. Teach them and they beat you... such gratitude!

    PS: I see that Texas shirt! Is that a hint of things to come?

  4. I love Scrabble and we always played growing up. When my husband and I were dating, I introduced him to Scrabble, I was a little nervous when he tried to make a word diagonally! He's since learned how to play.

  5. ahahahahaha love this! my dad is so not a board game person. and i never played scrabble until i met PC. his family is all over that game. i sucked at first, badly. but now i can hold my own and i even beat him the other day.

    oh but oh i do love a good board game!

  6. Scrabble is the only board game that I just love to play. But yeah, I can see why you would be disgruntled at his fabulous play there. (smile)

    I wouldn't let you put it away, either, if it were MY word!

  7. Wow! That is amazing!

    My hubby refuses to play board games, though I love them myself. But after seeing this, I have hope that all I have to do is just have to wait til my son is old enough to play...

  8. I'll take him and feed him but I won't play scrabble with him!

  9. At least he can spell! My oldest thought that 'drapes' was spelled 'drap'...need i say more!
    I do love the look of glee on his face! It was so obvious he knew he had you!

  10. knot a scrabull playa four obvius raisons, bud wel dun lid four beetin yor muvva lik thart.

  11. I still have never played it. ;) I will someday!

  12. um, all I can say is, WOW that's pretty good. Seriously, that's some great memories you two are creating. It's in the little things, Gigi. That you're willing to spend time with him and that you HONESTLY enjoy spending time with him speaks volume about the connection you two have. Truly.

  13. i love scrabble. and i am undefeated. well, in my house i am. but yeah...

  14. A stunning play on his part...and WHO set him up for THAT?

    I would take him in, but he looks like he might eat a lot. Also, he may have trouble with the local dialect here. Hope that you have better luck with eBay...

  15. I haven't played Scrabble in years! That would be a great teaching game! You are very lucky he still wants to play.

    Off to Germany!

  16. Dang -- kudos to him. I haven't touched Scrabble in years....and now I am afraid to.