July 9, 2011


Do you hear that??

That infernal pinging and ringing from phone calls, emails, and texts coming from the Blackberry?  It's been going on all darn day.

DON'T answer it!

Why?  Because I'm hiding.

Yes, I'm hiding from lovely friends with good intentions.

If the truth were to be told, I've been hiding from the majority of them for months now....

Actually, it is a constant source of amazement to me that I haven't been hiding (too much, I don't think) from you.  Sure, I've pulled back a bit and don't tell you everything that is on my mind....but for the most part, you know where I'm at; what a state my mind has been in lately.

The few times I've run into them, the lovely friends with good intentions, they've seen the "happy, everything is ok", Gigi.  La-la-la-la.

And just how do you make these lovely friends with good intentions understand that you don't want to come out and play?  Or celebrate.  Because right this very minute, as far as you ("you" being me for the remainder of this post-lest you [no, YOU] get confused) are concerned this isn't the time to go play.  There is nothing to celebrate. You have far too much to worry about for that kind of fluff.

Then the guilt begins to kick in - because ya know?  They DO have good intentions.....but still.....

So what do you do?  You begin to seriously contemplate "accidentally" dropping the phone into the toilet.

You know...so you can be totally incommunicado.....darn it! Sssh!  It's going off again!


  1. I'm sending another "bing" to your phone. Just because I can.

    But seriously, I've been in your position of just needing to be alone. Unfortunately a friend took it the wrong way and well- that's the end of that "friendship."

    Hang in there.

  2. A true friend would understand the need for downtime.

  3. What Mrs. A said: downtime is something everybody needs now and then. Sometimes we get so wrapped up on our own worlds we forget that little fact. There's nothing meant by it, usually. Sending you hugs and a nice little smokescreen to hide behind. :-)

  4. People only call me if they want something ... therefore, going into hiding is a regular 'sport' for me. A phone call usually means overtime so when I step into the house after a long or arduous days work, my mobile phone is switched off and the instruction is issued: If anyone calls and asks for me, I'm in the woods with the dogs!

    It isn't really a lie, because that's where I go every day after work ... I just extend the time I'm away by an hour or two.

  5. Send a message out to one and all and say having me time or something like that, tell them you are fine and turn it off!

  6. I just don't understand this incessant need to 'be connected'. It is as if people are afraid to be with themselves.

  7. Exactly why I have a Tracfone with NO minutes! LOL!

  8. Makes you miss the days before cell phones, doesn't it?

  9. Nothing wrong with a little downtime! I sometimes just let my battery die and then don't charge my phone for a day or so. It's sort of nice not to have it ringing and interrupting!

  10. I agree with Ms. A too!

    And I'm feeling the same way lately. I just want to hibernate for a while.

    Sometimes I "accidentally" leave my cell in the car. Or "forget" to turn it on. I'm also notoriously bad about "remembering" to charge it. Oops. :-))

  11. I've taken to putting my phone on silent...the constant noises from tweets, emails, texts, and very occasionally calls was making my head feel like it was going to explode. I hope the noise stops for you soon. xx