October 9, 2011

Detours (or exceptionally deep thoughts for a Sunday evening)

Just a week or so ago, we had to travel to an "away" game to watch Man-Child play football.  For the record, most of our away games are, at best, almost 45 minutes to 1 hour away in little towns that are off our radar.

At any rate, during our journey we hit an unexpected detour.

As you can imagine, this was disconcerting.  First, because we weren't expecting it and second, we had a "plan" and a "timetable."  We wanted to be at the field for the kick-off.  And with this unexpected turn of events, we weren't sure we'd make it to our destination in time.

Today it struck me.  Life is full of detours; looking back I've experienced quite a few.  Some of which has turned out great for me; others - not so much.  And obviously, I'm currently travelling a detour right now; one that I do NOT want to be on; but nevertheless - here I am.

We all like to think we have our lives at least sort of mapped out.  We kinda know what we are doing and kinda have an idea of where we'd like to end up.

And then, BAM!  You reach the exit you wanted to take and realize that you have to go another way.  A different way.  Down a path you've never been.  And that there isn't a choice in the matter.

And although, that first sign assures you that you are heading in the right direction; you are still apprehensive.  Mainly because, as with all detours, once you start down the new road the directional signs seem to disappear.

But you keep driving - because what else can you do?  

And eventually, another sign pops up to remind you that you are on the right road - thusly reassured, you keep driving.  And hope against hope that this new and unfamiliar road will get you back on track.

I know that I'm not the only one travelling along a detoured route right now.  Many of us are.  Sure our detours are all different and unique to us; but they are detours nonetheless.  And detours are sometimes scary.

I know this one is.  We've been on this journey for well over a year.  And it has come at a most inconvenient time - this year is one that I already know will be an emotional rollercoaster - so the added drama really isn't needed.

But as with all detours - they are never convenient or expected.  And all you can do is to continue to drive - and eventually, you will arrive somewhere.  

It may not be the place you first thought you'd be - but maybe it's where you are meant to be and you will find peace with that.  

As for me?  I know that I am continuing to drive.  Eventually, we will find out where we are meant to be. 


  1. The detours, potholes and road construction in life, can be quite frustrating, for sure. Just be sure to maintain your vehicle, keep gas in your tank and drive on! You'll reach a destination, eventually, even if it isn't the to the spot you had planned.

  2. Wow - those were some exceptionally deep thoughts! Very true though. We just have to keep on going - it's not like we have a choice!

  3. Some people try to manage life through plans and these detours always throw them for a loop. It's a bit like trying to manage the wind; life is always throwing detours into my life, and I usually enjoy them. I am hoping that your life detours turn out to be ones that turn out to be for the best. :-)

  4. Sometimes you find beautiful things that you've never before seen, while on that detour.

  5. The thing about journeys, is eventually you end up where you are supposed to.
    Road trips are fun!!
    Enjoy the ride.

  6. I read this last night and didn't comment right away because seriously? Deep man. Deep.

    OK, not to make light of your post, because it is a really good one and I agree with everything you said. I just don't have a thoughtful, wise comment to leave so I have to make an a** out of myself. Sorry.

  7. "Eventually, we will find out where we are meant to be." Eventually we find out where God wants us to be! lol

    Loved this post! Sounds like one of my Monday Meditations!