October 18, 2011

Yo-yo blogging.....that *WAS* the original title to this post...then, somehow, it all took a very dark turn.

Yup, that seems to be me - a yo-yo blogger.  Some days I'm all up in here and then there are days where I'm not.

I'm not going to worry, I figure it's normal.  We are all regular people with sometimes busy, sometimes boring lives.  And sometimes?  Sometimes there is just NOTHING to blog about.

If I have something to say, then you will find a post from me.  If not, then....well...then you won't.

OR you will get something completely random...just because I feel like I *should* say something just to remind you that I'm still alive and have something to contribute...kinda like today, actually.

Which reminds me....this is actually one of my fears...

As most of you know, this is a fairly anonymous blog....I mean Hubby and Man-Child know (kinda, sorta - but more in the vein of they heard me mention it, but it hasn't broke through to the conscious-level of their knowing and comprehension yet) but no one else does.

And even at that, I don't think either one of them have actually found their way over here...much less figured out how to hack into the account to post an update on me.  (They are practically useless, I tell you!  I mean, really?!  Am I the ONLY one in this house who can figure out just what the others have been up to online?  Sheesh!)

Which begs the question....how will YOU know if something horrific has happened to me??!! (Just go with the macabre thought process - it IS almost Halloween, after all!  I'm ALLOWED to be macabre around Halloween.  In fact, it's practically a law!)

I have made some VERY good friends here in the past two years.  VERY good friends.  People with whom I email privately back and forth on a regular basis...you know what I mean.  People who would take you in at a moments notice if you showed up at their back door.  People who really care when you are going through a high or low period.  People who know exactly what you are feeling when you post something and have wise words to help you through it.  Yeah.  Those people.

It would not be fair to them (or, really, any of you who randomly pop in) to just NOT know about the horrific accident.  Or whatever may happen that will take me away from blogging for an extended period of time or... forever.

Obviously, I am going to have to come up with a contingency plan so you all won't think I've fallen off the face of the earth one day.  Because, as we all know, there is always a "one day" waiting for us (hopefully far, Far, FAR down the road...because, dammit, I've still got so much I need to do!).

I'll have to work on that tomorrow....at work.  Because this?  THIS is important - work, not so much.

Obviously, when I sat down to type I was picturing this going in a VERY different direction.  But as you know from the previous post....the words just flow from my brain to my fingers....and then I edit.

And speaking of the previous post, you guys?  You guys are the BEST for my little ego.  Thank you. xo


  1. I have thought about this too. How would anyone know why I wasnt around anymore????

  2. I have had this conversation with my husband. He *should* be able to figure out my passwords and let people know I have met my demise. And he *should* also have access to those funeral pictures. I like to be prepared. ;)

  3. : )

    You think of everything. You better print them up some instructions and put them in an envelope by the computer JUST in case.

  4. I have actually mentioned this to one of my boys, just in case. He would absolutely be able to figure it out and I think he knows how much my online friends mean to me. Since I don't post with any regularity, it might take some of you a while to figure out I'm not coming back, unless he told you.

  5. I was thinking of maybe leaving the password in a will kinda letter and asking a friend to post something. Like she is dead! Obviously there would then be an outpouring of grief and I would love you all forever and not haunt you!

    Bleugh I have days when my bloggy brain has turned to dust and then days where I will churn 3 posts out! Ha LIFE!


  6. That is so funny (funny strange, not really funny haha). I think about this all the time, too! I KNOW my husband would never figure out how to access my blog, or facebook, or even my email. I think The Princess would though. I think. I might have to talk to her about all that. I really think she'd take care of everything and notify everyone - isn't that typical though...it'd have to be a girl!

  7. I wrote about this a while back and figure it's good to get a post written that hubby can put up on my blog. Someone suggested it and I've been working on it.

  8. I've had the same thought. If something ever happened to me would my husband or kids even *think* to say something about it on my blog or Facebook?

  9. Gigi, by the time something happens, you'll be a best-selling author and we'd hear about it on the news. With that said, I'm waiting patiently for your book. Your so-called random thoughts bring me back for more!

  10. Sometimes when a blog friend suddenly drops off the radar- I do worry that something horrible has happened to them.

    I'm a bit sporadic at blogging myself - I say post when inspired and enjoy the real world the rest of the time.

  11. I've actually thought of this myself. I've written and posted every day for almost three years now -- if I dropped off the screen, who would know?

    Well, you would. :-) We're FB friends.


    p.s. You can knock on my door any time. :-)

  12. Gah! Why are you thinking this way, why I am I now thinking this way? lol Take care of you and thank goodness for all the wonderful people we have met through blogging!

  13. Ummm... is this a post where you have nothing to say? I'm confused. Because it SEEMS like you are saying some pretty deep stuff. However, I am easily confused.

  14. When I don't have anything to blog about, I just ask the people of Twitter to write my post for me. They are very accommodating.

  15. This message is here primarily so I can press the email link button. I can't believe I always forget to press the email link button. Wait, maybe I don't want you to respond. Let me uncheck that real quick.

  16. My son has my Last Will and Bloggy Testimony. He has been instructed to post a blog about my departure... leave it up a couple of months... then shut it down.

    Have a Wonderful Week :-)

    *The Old Geezer Blog

  17. Wow. If you lived next door to me (wish!), we'd have had this very conversation about a kagillion times. I mean, if I die...my computer's LOCKED. How could someone even get in to tell everyone? And you wouldn't want to set a timer on some death-announcement, so that if you didn't blog for a set amount of time that it would just...ya know, POST. You'd scare the crap out of people just 'cause you took a break/caught a cold/crashed your computer. Hmmm. Quite the conundrum. We'll have to discuss that at the beach house we're gonna buy as little old ladies....way, way in the future...

  18. I worry about the same thing! How would I know? How would anyone else know if I just stopped blogging? I have to work out something with the Chief so he lets people know I think..

  19. My wife has instructions to announce, "Jerry croaked!" That way everyone can nod and then go about their business.